Friday, June 29, 2012

Cold truth

Some where some time I think everyone forgets how things (their path) got started. Everyone started off somehow. We were all little and we all had a dream once. We all wrote that little paper and said we would be a firefighter, pilot, a cop, and a teacher. Then we grew up and learned that firefighters work long hours and get burned, cops get shot, pilots get hijacked, and teachers put up with kids that don't want to learn- parents that blame everyone but the kid and get paid next to nothing- we started looking at other jobs! Some of us didn't... good for all of you! Especially teachers and cops (sometimes I think its the same job).
Then there came life... we were all going to marry the "perfect someone" we had the picture of in our heads. Who is that person? What did that person actually mean? I hate the word "settle"- I think that is CRAP! I didn't settle! If anything I came to the reality that my life needed MORE! And I got it! I got happiness- for a lifetime... That is my path, and sometimes I think people forget the path they are on my not be the path they think they should be on but... stick with it... it will work!