Sunday, February 24, 2013


I have long learned that life is all about having good priorities. Setting them can be hard to figure out. I think that can be one of life's biggest lessons. You are told certain things should be first in your life and that is how you will have what they consider balance. Often people put work first and shuffle other things as they can. What I always find interesting is where family falls in the mix. Some feel that if they are loved by family enough then their actions should just be accepted. Other people value their family higher than anything and put them first. However people prioritize their lives, I often find that it does say a lot about the way I interact with them. It may not be right to judge, but if you will be so cut-throat to bail or forget the ones closest to you, then where will I be in your life? Relationships are important to me, so while I may not get super close to those that have no value in true priorities which include family, I know in my heart, I don't need those people in my life. Seems harsh? Well- where will those people be in a few years? Chances are they won't even be speaking to me, so why spend the time now? Yeah, priorities! I've got mine... the ones that will drop on a dime for me... and the ones that are mine... family, that's what it's all about!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Hung-over

Happy Monday! Well for those who aren't blacked-out and enjoyed the last moments of the game (the football game). Anyone not in America we actually all stop what we are doing one Sunday a year to watch commercials one time a year and in between these big huge guys run up and down a green (sometimes real sometimes totally fake grass field) and try to kill (or not) each other. Then comes Monday!
At work the next day, people talk about the what... commercials! And highs and lows of the game... in some cases there are some, rarely are there many. The best part is when the biggest talking part is the lights going out and the -"what were you doing? " takes the stage... Everyone becomes an electrical expert on what caused the issue (yet a week ago no one in the office could figure out why the copier wouldn't print- ah it wasn't plugged in). There's your real men of genius!

So while many may have not had a lick to drink (me included) the Super Bowl does tend to leave a SUPER HANG-OVER feeling of "what now?". Most are spending their morning checking YouTube and other social media sites to pick their favorite commercial (told you it wasn't about the game). While others are humming the tunes of half time... "Single ladies, all you single ladies"... ah Destiny's Child... Looking good ladies!

My hope is that this time honored tradition becomes more to people than just another reason to eat chicken. Yes the order of 120 chicken whatever was sure funny! Even if I didn't get the sauce I wanted (whatever). I hope that people will look around their company and enjoy the time spent. Because the next holiday is well... St. Patrick's day... and we all know that there is generally little remembering for most "mature" adults (shame on some of you-lol). So dip the chicken in the sauce, enjoy your friends, root for teams that all season long you had NO idea about, and enjoy the game a little more, because after all- we certainly have made this a holiday!

 Ravens Win! (MSN.COM)