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My Hubby
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thinking of others... and babies lost

Sometimes I think how blessed I really am. My kids are fairly normal. Healthy wise- they are pretty good. Me- while I have my own personal struggles, I know others that have it so much worse. Yes, today I am really thinking of others.
One person that comes to mind was someone who thought of me when I was at what felt for me like rock bottom. And yet for rather haughtily similarly yet drastically differently reasons my loss was temporary (gratefully). While I thought no one would speak to me, be near me, or be around me, Jeremy showed me compassion. Maybe it was because there was something in him that saw around the struggle, maybe he had no idea for the true struggle of loss at the time. I do know that this man is hurting inside now. He and his wife are, a year later, still tip toeing through the steps of grief. Because taking big ones can cause you to fall right off a cliff. While some say to take things day by day- that has always struck me odd... is there any other way? Can you fast forward two three days when the pain seems rather surreal and you would rather not? Day-by-day... I did that once... laid on the couch watching the clock tick hearing every second followed by the loud CHIME to let me know the time. The living room... I should move... I remember thinking... but why? I can only take today as it comes... I remember laying on the couch as words and thoughts and of course emotions ran through my mind. Anger, fear, hatred, pain, loneliness, and feeling empty. EMPTY...
That lump that doesn't go away almost chokes you was quickly comforted by people that let me know I wasn't alone. My friends...
To Jeremy and Carrie- words will never express the birthdays missed. 
To my followers- readers -Please take a moment and read some of Jeremy's words, feelings, emotions, and messages to three little boys- who are blessed to call HIM their dad!

The photo for this blog post is inspired by someone very near and dear to me... I am not as empty as I once was...