Sunday, March 17, 2013

I could be so lucky!

I knew early that my life was blessed. I was able to see from a different sort of lens that not everyone had the sort of things I had. And while I might not have had all the latest fashions instantly, or the most expensive everything, my family provided me with so much more.
Today, I often find myself in shock with the "not good enough" generation. And while I know that each generation probably felt at one time or another the same way. It does seem the current "young" generation has life "instantly" easy. As in even mac- n-cheese has hurried up the process so as not to make them wait a second more than they have to. And yet, often you will still hear a complaint. I think that is what gets me. Remember pagers (beepers)? Remember getting excited when you not only could get one- but could afford it? I remember my first one (it was black- duh, although my second one was teal) and the bill! I remember calculating out how much I needed to have to pay for everything so as "not to worry". I loved that stupid thing! I loved hearing from my friends and calling them back, or getting the "coded messages".  It was mine, something I worked for, and it was totally good enough.
Now days kids are given cell phones as a right of passage and act as though they should automatically get every bell and whistle offered. Heck, I just got internet leaving the world of "stupid phones" upgrading into "smart phone" world... 
My favorite is clothes! I live in reality. I know that is a shocker for some of you. But I pay real money for things. So it always cracks me up when my darling kids lock on to "brands" and can't let go for dear life. Ah, the peer pressures of growing up! Trying to convince a teenager that spending $50-$70 on a shirt is silly when they can turn around and look on the clearance rack and pay $10-$20- well I must be out of my mind! And don't get me started on shoes! This coming from the shoe queen... I am smart and thrifty so DON'T tell me you HAVE to spend $75-$90 on a pair of shoes! Seriously?

I am looking forward to the day when my kids see that they have ALOT, alot more than what others have, and they are lucky! I could be so lucky for the day to come for them to realize.... they didn't have so bad!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!