Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nap time

Well the weekend is almost over and I am ready for my nap! Our taxes our done- yeah! I still have school work to do, but since I can barely keep my eyes open I think nap time is in order. My hand is killing me today. I think my scar tissue issues are getting worse so I am happy that my work has raised issues with the amount of time I can work and forced me to go back to the Dr. I don't think they will be happy with the results, but that is what happens when you ask questions... sometimes you don't always like the answers you get! Again not my problem! My problem has been trying to been getting better- and since I can barely move my hand without aches and pains (even as I type this) I think its fair to say asking much more out of me is getting a bit nuts.
Moving forward will be interesting...
So... as I hook up my tins unit again and lay down for some much needed rest, hoping my scar tissue breaks up a little more, and my pinky finger starts to behave, I will dream about perfection...  something I am hoping to have someday soon!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happiest mother on earth!

Every mom has dreams for their kids- some they say out loud, some they keep close to their heart. Most involve growing up, being happy, getting an education, and MOVING OUT (haha). And while all of it seems like it will take forever the time really does fly by.
It seems like only yesterday (how cliche`) I was holding my son in my arms and hoping his health would improve so he would grow. He is now 14 and we are picking a high school and he towers over me. Our 8 year old is gaining inches every day, and getting smarter and smarter with every inch. And our high schooler- wow! Just wow!
Today we were a split family this morning, as many times, with kids needed different thing in different directions. Rich took the girls and headed to the field for Amanda's game and I took Erik for the school fair to help him in his high school program "choice". I was really proud of him, seeing him walk around ask questions and talk to the people to get a real idea of the programs and what to expect. Then it was time to head to the field. As we dashed on over little superman wanted "warm drinks" and offered to buy Starbucks (yeah, that's MY boy!!!) and picked up a hot cocoa for his little sis- how nice. Then as we sat at the game, he sat there talking about what a good job his sister was doing (what? are these my kids?).
Getting home I went to the mail box and what did I find... a letter congratulating my son. He has earn a 4 year scholarship, if he maintains his grades and stays our of trouble, his college his paid for (within reason) in the state of Florida... I am the happiest mother on earth and the tears flowing from my eyes were met with his when he realized his dreams will be met! Yeah... hard work does pay off! So what about his "choice" for next year... yeah... I am pretty sure his mind his made up... and I think it's a pretty awesome choice!
I am one very blessed person here!

Sunny Saturdays

The weekends come quick! Sometimes not quick enough! Sitting at dinner last night I had to laugh as we (our company) talked about how even with the day off on Monday this week just dragged on and when the weekend finally arrived it felt as though it would never get here. Sure enough it arrived and the fun began!
Bowling last night, a tour of schools this morning, and a softball tournament. It is always a busy weekend, but this sunny Saturday will make it a little easier to get everything done!
I am just glad I have an awesome man to do it all with!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

About time!

Okay yeah... practice what you preach! I noticed I fell off the wagon- the blog wagon! It's been since October since I wrote my last blog. Grant it since then football season ended, softball season ended, and now we are getting ready for spring softball, and Amanda took part in travel ball softball. So yeah- sports wise I've been a little busy. Add to that the whole holiday mess and then the fun of having hand surgery in December it's no shock at all that I haven't written anything!
So my surgery- I have decided I have beyond mixed emotions about it. While the idea was to fix the pain in my hand, I am on the fence as to if that is going to happen. I have limited motion. I have issues with certain fingers and my pain levels are up and down. Some nights I am in so much pain I can barely sleep. Those nights are hard!!

But living a blessed life like I do means two things- 1) I don't have to cook- seriously! 2) Out of the blue (like Jan 20) my hubby comes home with "I love you" type stuff and "hearts". Valentines Day is around the corner, but instead of making it that one day, he picks every day to love me. So while he notices me and cares for me all the time, it's about time other people start treating their loved ones the same, because I am just blessed and I know it! Thanks sweety!