Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's dangerous out there!

The internet is full of great things! Information, connections, and loads of stuff to buy! Who hasn't found a great deal on something? I love catching up and staying in touch with my family since I am pretty far away from most all of them {sniff}. But if I have found out anything- the internet can also be pretty dangerous! Pretty much everyone that knows me (including all the "little people" from back in the day)- {note those are not short people, or actual "little people"} know that when I say something there is a good say 95% chance it is laced in sarcasm. At one point I developed my own language, Aubrism's, because well I just didn't (and still don't) feel that there are enough words out there sometimes to really express how I feel about stuff.
Anyway- I am not sure how many arguments have started because of a statement that was made or a comment that was misinterpreted. My favorite is when people say something might not be their business but proceed to give you their two cents anyway... While the internet is GREAT! It also has its downfalls. Living far away from home (Ohio- home), I'm always the "last one to know". Events come and go and I get to see them through pictures... which makes sense, since I couldn't go anyway, but sometimes its hard, just knowing I missed out (again). There's nothing like seeing pictures to events that you clearly were excluded from and wondering what the deal was... oh well... the internet is dangerous... It causes raw emotions and fast reactions that can cause even bigger problems. That whole wait 24 hours to respond sometimes is not always easy to do... so what do you do... THINK, THINK HARD! And never be afraid to hit the "delete" key over and over again.... cause once you hit "Enter" it's super hard to "retract"...

It's dangerous out there... happy surfing!