Sunday, March 20, 2011

A little craziness in life

I have kept my mouth shut for a week now. Well shut a little. I posted a facebook note making a little comment that most would never understand, much less care about. I don't think I received many comments. I even went as far as posting on two of the board members pages, one responded in a vague manner. A week ago I was REMOVED from the Pinellas Park National Little League Board. I had been the Vice President of Softball, something I was proud to do. It was a volunteer position. One that to be honest was quite costly! Costly in terms of time and personal money! My cell phone bill was over for the last month as coaches, league officials and others would call with questions, not an issue! Costly with my time- something I gave away! I was removed because during the meeting it was brought to my attention that I had made statements against the board. Funny, because I hadn't! As the secretary of the league went through about 3-4 different situations, she did not give me the opportunity to state what I did say, or the conversation that did take place. Which I found funny, because in each case she would say "a person, or someone"- keeping their identity a secret, yet I knew exactly who it was, and what was ACTUALLY said. It's a funny thing about the truth!!! So she quickly cut me off, and proceeded to say, "so all these people are lying" (yet NO ONE in the room was witness to any of it) then in the next breath she made the motion to remove me, and without a blink, like it had been practiced someone seconded the motion and the vote was started.
Later that evening an email was sent from our District staff updating the leagues on what was going on, it was replied to by the secretary that I was no longer part of the board, and do not represent the league in any manners (or something to that fashion). I found it funny only because I started receiving emails from all the leagues that I have worked with wanting to know what happened. They were shocked. I had built a good working relationship with them, and they hadn't heard me speak ill of anyone, so what would I have done to no longer be apart of the league???
The next morning I received a phone call from one of the people that I had alleged to have said negative things about the board to, and again, in shock, she told me she was sorry for anything she might have said or done that may have lead to my removal. I asked her at that time to clarify what I had said to her about my board involvement, and again she told me her understanding was that I had a great interaction with my board. HMMMM? Doesn't sound like bad mouthing to me???
So I am back to be "just a parent" in the stands again... and watching my daughter play this past Saturday, that is alright with me. I didn't have to work in the concession stands this weekend, and I won't the whole season. (Well one time- but that's okay) I like helping out. I like making sure that the league as a whole is taken care of, and the girls are looked after. From what I see- that is NOT what Pinellas Park want me to do, and that is okay!
So I was removed, I walked away quietly, and didn't make a scene despite hearing laughter as I was leaving (classy). I'll pay the $25 for the casino night, we have to (it's the fundraiser for our league), but we won't attend. And my daughter will continue to play, after all she's awesome! She hit an in the park home run and she's 8 playing in the minors! So yeah, maybe I do know a thing or two!!! But I'll be sitting in my chair with my mouth shut... well... unless I'm cheering for her!