Weight Loss

Oh I am NOT joking! I am seriously going to discuss this! Over the years I have gone from a size not discussed on the internet (children research things you know), to cute sizes that you can just go into the store and purchase. I'm in between those two sizes right now... you know that- I better try it on because just because the tag says it's that size doesn't mean anything! My "oldest" is 16. Every year I say the same thing... I'm not going another year being overweight. I really never "lost" my weight after having him, so that marks my "years". SAD, I know! But what is really sad is being able to pin point the time of my true demise. And know that I have started down the road, gotten very close and for one reason or another literally fallen off the road and into a chocolate covered donut. Yum! But I did get smart. I have learned over the last two years that donuts are so yummy, and I am not giving them up, I'm just eating 1/2 of one and only on super rare occasions.  Backing my car into the driveway is NOT a rare occasion (well it is, but not a reason for a donut). I've learned drinking my calories is stupid! Why drink 300 calories (think about most people should really only have 1200-1500 a day) in one sitting (average soda- small- medium). When I can EAT a ton of food and be totally full! An average salad (yea roll your eyes) is only in the 90's pending on what you put on it... Dressings... don't get me started... why are we so stupid? I will give a big shout out to Spark People talk about really making you focus and think about what you are doing! It's super easy to use (nope, I'm not getting paid to say this!). But if you want to track your water, food and exercise and see real quick why your current plan isn't working for you... ding ding ding... they also have great recipes and all sorts of helpful tips! Best of all it is free. (They do have a charge thing you can do, but that's up to you (I'm not).
Anywho... (yep aware that's not a word) hopefully this time around when Big E blows out the candles I'll be standing there IN the picture rather than taking the picture...
Here's to hope!
If I mention I am a beach "chick" a million times I won't be enough!