Saturday, July 23, 2011

Totally Cute

My hubby is a grown man, that is for sure... But to this day it is so cute when he wants me somewhere and I have other plans. He doesn't say anything, but he does have almost that little get pout about him. The sighs, the "no, it's okay, really", and all the other little things, that say yep, it's "okay" but I really wish you were with me... It's totally cute, and I totally love him!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Speaking is one of those things I truly believe people take for granted. Feelings get hurt so quickly, often without words ever being spoken. Actions that were intended for one purpose are taken as another, and people run with hard emotions, instead of taking a moment and looking at all the facts. I truly believe that wars start because people do not know how to speak, and think others should do it for them. People who know me know that I say what I am thinking, and I fight my own battles- most of the time. It is VERY rare that I will have Rich speak on my behalf, and even then I am standing next to him so the person is aware that I am "behind" the message. See I have learned that many things gets lost in the game of telephone, we've all played it one time or another, and we all laugh at the last person who blurts out the phrase in the end... burnt sausage sunrise! WHAT! That's not what I said at all!!!! Yep- telephone is dangerous! And so is being upset about anything and never actually talking to the person to find out what really was going on... CONVERSATIONS and true communications can save alot of hurt feelings, relationships and prevent war! I have yet to see a war without casualties... No one is really ever the winner... there really is never a "good" outcome... and sometimes PRIDE is just a little too much... olive branches are all around, but sometimes people rather grab and smash them, and make statements, than actually communicate what they really feel...

Thursday, July 14, 2011


The money is paid and I am hoping that I just may be completed with BS degree! I know I am done with all the BS that goes on within my classes. I look around and all I can think is these are the people that are "earning" the degree I am? WHAT! But then I remember- MY GRADES! I listen to my classmates complain about barely getting through their classes and "staying active" and I scratch my head trying to figure out what that means- I have completed 105 credits (am currently taking 3 right now and have a 100% in that class) so I have 12 more to go (hoping to get out of those with my PLA) and I am sitting on a 3.87 GPA. Yeah, I took it seriously! Why wouldn't I? But that got me thinking, I took it seriously for many reasons- what happens that people pay for school yet kind of attend? Don't get it! All I know either way I walk WITH my husband in September and I can't think of a better thing to do!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Couple little words

I am in the middle of total stress- work, to the point where I sent it home- something I hate doing, I was driving to pick up my girls only to take them with me to a meeting. That is when I get the first text- "don't forget the girls"- yep I'm on it- and everything else in my insane life. I let him know what is going on and he comes back with a couple little words I really needed "love you". It's amazing how a couple words in a text can change things... I still had to get the kids, I still had to get to the meeting, and I still had work waiting for me when I got home- even though when I woke up this morning my plan was to go watch him umpire his game tonight. Plans change- but his love for me never has, that gets me through... best couple little words all day!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

shaking it up

I have great friends! I have people that will listen to me, cry with me, and tell me when I am way out of line! THOSE ARE TRUE FRIENDS! I find myself from time to time searching for reality checks because my weeks tend to fly by and I make decisions without thinking. I need people around me to say "HEY- are you serious!" If it weren't for those people in my life shaking me now and then, who knows where I would be. I am grateful to all my friends who keep me grounded, but at the same time bring out the crazy in me that expands my horizons and pushes me to be more than a couch potato!
I truly believe everyone has a point when we get lost in ourselves and we start acting in a away that we justify for one reason or another to be okay. It maybe "for the kids", or "just to pay the bills", sometimes its "the need to succeed", but in the end if we took a real long deep hard look in the mirror and were HONEST with ourselves we would quickly realize the backstabbing words, the cruelness shown to others, or the slips in judgement (for the good cause) weren't really all that good after all. Does being right all the time really matter all that much? Is being in "charge" of every situation really all that important? Having a stronghold on every situation sometimes comes at a price, a human price. As I watch my children grow and develop relationships (working, friends, etc) I can only hope I leave them with a sense of kindness and respect towards others regardless of the situation. To care about other people regardless of what they think and feel. Knowing that on the other side of the table, room, area is a person with real feelings and a real heart that can and will be broken. Cut throat actions may get you to the top, but as you stand at the peak looking down (alone) its a long fall. Who will be around to catch you? I prefer to climb with people, bringing them with me, so if we fall, we fall together- laughing the whole way down, dusting ourselves off and plotting a new way to the top. I hope that when we get to the top I can share the view with all my friends and delight in it- whatever view it happens to be... just a dream, gosh, I hope not!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

stopping to think

Saturday's come after a long week of work... sometimes we are lucky and the week flies by, sometimes the weeks drag on as if never ending. Then Saturday is here! The day is always packed with to-do lists that can never really be done, and lists of people you would love to spend time with, but some how miss seeing. I wish sometimes we worked the weekends and had the weeks off! Five days to do what we need to do on the weekends, and visit with the important people in our lives. I think about work and wonder what would happen if everyone could only do their jobs 2 days a week- sure buildings would take forever to build (if we staggered those two days it could happen), stores would need to work with me on this... but I just think we would be happier in life if we took time to enjoy it more and stress less. I even here my stay-at-home mom's (GOD LOVE YOU!) stress over what they can't get done because of the endless needs during the week in preparation for the weekend- just crazy I tell you! I want to enjoy my time.
I have a paper to finish writing today, photos I need to go through and hopefully post, a house I should attend to (that won't happen-watch), laundry that needs to be done, and find sanity (I hear they have it somewhere). I figure that is a good enough list!
Wish me luck!