Saturday, June 2, 2012

Things don't change...much

I was looking through some photos (I know I can hear the shock from everyone reading this) and I came across the cutest photo. While I was a tad young in the photo and don't remember the exact moment. I do know exactly where it is. It's at the house in Grand Rapids MI, and my Grandmother is clearly spending what would become a favorite memory... reading and sharing with me.. a book, pictures, or anything!
As my grandparents aged I think I was blessed with the thought that I really did need to learn from them rather than be annoyed by anything they had to say. Both of them are such a wealth of knowledge and to have been able to sit on their laps and spend time with them was always a blessing. Patients! I mean real patients. So often I would be in the kitchen under foot wanting to learn something, anything, and with all the patients in the world my grandmother would tell me how she learned to cook and tell me stories of when she was a little girl while she showed me and had me help make some of the yummiest food.
Visiting my parents in July last year, I looked out in the back yard to see my youngest sitting and talking with my grandma. It was warm and I was pretty ill, trying to avoid the heat I sat inside. I sat inside looking through the big glass doors as the two of them talked for over an hour. It reminded me of old times and part of me wanted to go out there because I felt like I was missing out, but part of me knew I couldn't go out there because Elizabeth was experiencing something she may remember for the rest of her life and I didn't want to interrupt. I finally did go out, and sure enough Lizzy excitedly caught me up to their girl-like chat. The two of them had been sitting out there for over an hour and sure enough my grandmother had blessed Elizabeth with knowledge from the "old world", Hungry, and her childhood. Elizabeth was eating it up and my grandmother was in heaven being able to share it with someone so eager to hear it... Four generations present and time could have stood still (I wish it had), and the only concern... is the ice melting to fast in our drinks? Yeah, somethings don't change.... much.