Thursday, December 22, 2011

Precious gifts

This holiday season people are reminded about precious life. While the Jews celebrate the miracle of light for 8 days, something that no one can really explain, Christan's celebrate the birth of a baby born to a virgin, another miracle no one can explain. In both cases we are reminded that our existence is precious. That the people before lived lives that were harsh and full of hardship unthinkable at the time, yet managed to rejoice in the slightest gifts.
This holiday season I will be rejoicing for the precious gifts in my life. The people that have been given to me to guide me, to hold me, to teach me, to make me a better person. And for the people that have knocked some sense into me when I really needed it- yes to you- I hold you very close to my heart!
To my sisters, my life has extra meaning, I have been the "top", the oldest, the mentor, the figure-head, the example (right or wrong), and the "ruler of the little people". While you were learning from me, it is I that have learned from you! Thank you for always excepting me for my faults, mistakes, and stumbles and being there to lift me up back to my "throne" of authority and remind me of my place! I love you! YOU are my precious gifts and I thank Mom and God for each one of you -still a little upset ONE of you wasn't Black ;) but I am working that out through my friendships!
Mom- God does make plans- that is for sure- what a precious gift I believe he gave both of us. Who knew but him what our lives would be... hard to believe how we started out and where we are now. I am glad for my precious gift.
KELLY RICKETTS- YES I am naming you! We have a BOND very few in a life-time would ever share! Tell me God doesn't plan... what a precious gift!
Megan- I couldn't write enough in here. I have 15 years of a daily reminder to look at, and believe me, I do. When I see my son, I remember the people that were there for me the most and you (and your hubby) are precious gifts only God can create and I am so grateful I was selected to be your friend!
Finally, to my husband, there is so many things I could and would say. So many people have had there thoughts about "us" in the beginning and after almost 11 years I am pretty sure everyone knows that YOU are the most precious gift I have received. The day you sat next to me holding my hand when I learned I had MS pretty much sums it all up. I thought my life ended, and you assured me it just started! YOU were right! Here I sit today, a COLLEGE Graduate (with HONORS!) accepted into the Masters program (WITH YOU) starting in January, with three GREAT kids, a great house, cute dogs, a cute car, and a great life. Yeah... you were right... that day my life didn't end, it changed that was it and you have been there every step, I am beyond BLESSED! I love you!