Thursday, June 7, 2012

The middle child

I'm the oldest. Yep the kid that came first. That knew everything before anyone, that tried it FIRST, and fell flat on my face before the others had a chance. Yep, I am the oldest! I provided the life lessons- the hard way. Setting the example, not always the easy way... be like her, Don't be like her, be like her... yep, the oldest!
The baby.. she was a little different. I was there, I mean seriously there the moment she arrived. I welcomed her and announced her birth to anyone that would listen. If she has messed up in this world... well its because her three older sisters must not have provided a good enough example... I mean if you fall flat on your face, get burned by fire, end up totally scared you would expect others to walk the other direction. Well... life isn't always that easy. Thus the whole birth order issues of today. Sometimes we want so much to prove we can do it- whatever "it" is, we forget that the person before us is still putting healing cream on the wounds, and in some cases the wounds never heal.
The middle child... what a sucky place! Look up to the "older sis" while at the same time falling on your face and setting a "great" example for your "younger sis"... Right back to that sandwich... Be like her, don't be like her, you need to set an example for HER... yeah great! Last time I checked it's hard enough being "me".
Fast forward a lifetime... all grown-up.. We actually made it (well sort of). We are awesome together, something that is almost dangerous. And it's always funny how quickly the word "proud" gets kicked up. Shoot there are mornings I am proud I didn't fall down the stairs- seriously! And my sisters want to sing my praise- that is almost laughable, but I get what they are saying... Big sis still has that superwoman cape and still wears it! But my sisters have quickly turned into wonderwomen in their own rite. Does that mean I did a good job? Hell, No! Or maybe I fell on my face enough they saw the fire and did walk the other way- then they saw what you do when you get burned... man that sucks! Either way- calling them my sisters sure is one awesome thing!
So Raise it with me!