Friday, June 1, 2012

Rain rain... awe that's okay!

While normally people are bugged by the rain... me, not so much... See I have a TON of paperwork and tons to do... and NO one I mean NO one that can or will help. SO that said, I am not missing out on a great sunny day. I am missing maybe some snuggle time that could go with a rainy day. But let's keep this PG! ;)

I read a blog today that brought me to tears. BACK story... a year ago a dear friend of mine was expecting triples! HOW totally exciting! The best part was he and his wife blogged us through their journey and it wasn't the typical "today I decided I am not eating fast food for the baby" blog. Nope these two are just too cute! They both tackled some serious issues but had a lot of fun with it. Like MOST mulitple pregnancies her's was HIGH risk to the 10th degree! With little warning she started to miscarry. I truly beleive there were thousands that hung by there computers as tweets, facebook messages and blogs spoke about their journey, until it was announced... their three precious boys were delivered and handed to God.

A year later, while many were cooking out, running to go to the store for something they forgot, I had two friends that are still lost. They aren't on a beach playing with the only volleyball that survived the crash. But at times "Wilson" may seem the only thing that understands all the emotions that echo in the walls of their home. As gifts started to arrive, and then returned, grieving begins and never ever truly ends.

Today it is raining, and I recieved an email... it was a link to a blog... as I read it I had to think... is it really raining or is someone letting it all out.