Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Moments of greatness

I would love to know who wakes up and says they hope their day will stink or that they will just have the worst day of their lives. Who does that? I really believe people wake up and start the day ready for moments of greatness, but I think sometimes they are lost on where people prioritize their lives.
How do you introduce yourself? People ask what do you do -what is your answer? I find it so interesting how people are wrapped up in there titles.  Me- I'm a full time wife, full time mom, I go to school full time, and oh yeah, I work full time for the City of St. Pete. If I were to say my "title" it would lead to more questions because it's government speak that means I work really hard for businesses and others and make okay money.
People kind of laugh- then ask why the order? I always laugh and answer in this way- I can't take a day off from being a wife or mom. School is part of life, and although classes are one thing there will always be life-long learning... then I work (full time). That is the one place I do get time off from- so why would that be the one thing I identify with? When my hubby calls or texts me at 11 am to ask if I can pick up the girls can I reply with- sorry honey I'm "off" today. When my son sends me a text asking if hot tea will help his cold, do I respond with "sorry look it up on webmd- I can't talk to you- this isn't kid time?"
I can however say, "I would like Friday off- yep taking the day off of work" and no one thinks less of me.
I believe my best moments of greatness are when I hear the words "Mommmm, and Honey". Yep, that's when I do my best work! I may not receive awards, trophies, or letters from the Mayor thanking me for the way I handled the 1:30 am toothache, or upset tummy. But the next morning when my happy camper is up and ready - yep greatness! Sitting on the floor in my sons room while he talks about his playbook and talks about practice and coughs and coughs- but tells me he'll be fine- as long as I give him the secrets to getting better faster- yep another moment!
Being inspired- I laugh when I hear people talk about needing to find their inspiration. Not laugh at them, but just laugh. I think back to an Oprah show and book club the "Every One Has a Story". People look at their lives and think oh, not me, nothing for a BOOK- but really- maybe not a whole long novel, but you have a story and it's something to be told and you'd be surprised who would be inspired by your life. I listen to people and I am continually inspired by their lives what they have done and what they continue to do... it makes me feel like I have raise the bar! Be brighter than the sun- moment of greatness!  So instead of looking at life like something bad might happen, or just a bummer- I look at life hoping to inspire someone- that's my moment of greatness- what's yours?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Things that drive me nuts!

This could take a while but then no one would want to sit and read the whole list...
I found myself a tad heart hurt last night talking with someone important. I was relating (again) how I had gone to great lengths to avoid hurting one of my younger sisters feelings by creating a photo album for my sister who had just got married and yet the whole time respected the fact that my other sister was working very hard on photos she had taken. I went as far as NOT posting the wedding photos on my facebook page, and I didn't even edit my photos (despite wanting to). Instead I emailed the photos to the new bride and let her make the decision as to what to do with them (again trying to be very respectful to everyone). Instead, I get told I hurt her feelings anyway- but not by her!
I shoot from the hip- speak my mind- bite my lip when I need to- but I fight my own fights. And I do not send others to fight my own fights- that drives me nuts!
Blocking me from your life- then blocking my family from your life? Not sure how that solves anything- that drives me nuts too! My niece isn't too happy with me or some of the things I have said recently (more shooting from the hip) so now I don't exist. But I always find it interesting when I do... that drives me nuts!
I have to finish my school work this evening... I haven't heard from either of my team mates- we have a HUGE paper that is due Monday night and neither one of them has so much as replied to my emails. I spent the better part of my day cleaning my house and then cooking because we had some guests over. I didn't get much help... so now that it's almost 7 I get to start on ME- that drives me really nuts!

Monday, August 1, 2011


I'm totally stuck in my moment right now unable to move. It happens from time to time. I want to yell, scream, even cry if that would help. But I know in my heart none of those actions would solve anything. I'm just stuck. It's hard. The answers are a big unknown, causing stress bigger than life. I feel sometimes I am in a parallel universe living another persons life. My tummy rumbles, my heart aches, sometimes I actually do cry but to no relief it makes... I'm stuck, stuck in the middle between forwards and just standing still. There is no where else to go currently, because I can't just leave, so I'm stuck. It makes it even harder watching what goes on around me, knowing what I know. People think I have no clue, little do they know... I'm a whole lot brighter than they give me credit for. Yet they turn to me for all the answers, still I'm stuck, and it weighs on me. This isn't the way life was suppose to be... just stuck...