Thursday, April 4, 2013

Is it any wonder?

I often wonder why people read a blog. In some cases I know people just want to check in and make sure that the person they do know hasn't gone off the deep end. In other cases I think its because people who are total strangers are hoping to see if the blogger has gone off the deep end and can shed some light on find their way back.
In either case, I know I personally like feedback! Call me silly, but nothing says "you're getting warmer" like a good ole' "comment".
Grant it I know some of my blogs are mindless rants regarding people who just annoying me with their rude behavior- I mean stupid is NOT a disability! You don't get to park in handicap parking! But I'll get back to that another day.
And I know my absences from the blog world can make for a cause for concern (okay I know no one filled a missing persons report). But fear not! I'm here! With LOTS to say, but making sure what I have to say, is worth saying...