Monday, March 19, 2012

Touching lives

Have you ever done anything with unintended consequences but because of something that you were taught ended up giving someone that moment? Yeah... Anyone reading this blog that has been following me (thank you) knows I have a few things in my life- three great kids, an awesome husband, and childhood memories that that I have tried to pass through and share in my blog (and with my children). Stories that touched me and the people I know (one way or another).
Pictures! So many times I find my blogs coming back to something so simple as a picture I took of something and it touched someone for some reason. And instantly I always am brought back to the reason I snapped the shot to begin with... my grandfather. It wasn't some little voice yelling  "take it! take it!" rather a gentle reminder "enjoy the moment through the lens... capture it, hold on to it, then share it"...

Seeing people, places, and things as awesome always rather than just stuff left to get old and wither away has allowed me to always find the true beauty in everything- one snap at a time... not to mention bring photos to people that allow them to step back in time and for a moment remember the people they love and the memories they share... that is touching lives on snap at a time!
Not just any place... memories to many      

capturing the best!

Friday, March 16, 2012

No options

Sometimes can't just  life gives you choices some times you don't get a choice. You can't speed without getting in trouble, you can't just kill people- that isn't nice, and you can't cut people off on the road without wondering if they are going to do something worse... (okay maybe the last one people don't think about but they should). Then there are there are the options that are taken out of your hands with little to no self choice. It is very frustrating when people have a personal agenda, and their feelings cloud their decisions. Just sad. I think people forget what they started out doing and lost their focus along the way.
I just wish I could have figured out the real motive months ago so I could have cleared out, and saved a little girl's heart. Just sad when the "option" really isn't a option at all.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

That moment!

Ever have that moment when you want to say- "what is this really about?" Are YOUR feelings hurt, are YOU making a decision based on YOUR personal feelings or is this really "business". 
I'm always the first person to see my kids as "real". If they aren't good at something... I WILL TELL THEM. One of my kids is TONE DEF I mean it. To the point when we are in the car and music is going, this child is singing, I will ask, "who sings this song?"- "BLAH BLAH BLAH"- "Let them!" Yeah that's harsh- but it's honest!" I would NEVER let this child on American Idol! That would be cruel! Funny for that one episode, BUT CRUEL!
So when you tell me once, you want to do something for one reason and it involves something, then you tell me twice, yet you add more PERSONAL stuff each time... guess what... it's PERSONAL!
 I wonder why my kid would feel the way she does if personal feelings are being put on her! Ahh being a mom is difficult sometimes cause there's that moment when "mama tiger" sets in and you know you have to protect you little cub from getting hurt... There's lots of predators out there these days and some of them have quite a bite!

Rock it out !

They said what?

Yep! Smile like you mean it!

That's my girl!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just a small reminder

Sometimes your walk, run, live on your little cloud, then something happens that reminds you that yep life!!! It's real! Here are the FACTS: A few years ago I had a hysterectomy. Yeah! 32 and I had to say good-bye to ever being a new Mom. I was devastated!  My goal had been to get to 35-36... some goals don't work out! I decided at the time to tell NO ONE. It was bad enough that I had to turn in FMLA paperwork for work and on the form it said: HYSTERECTOMY... two people were going to know! Would one tell everyone? My boss would call me into her office (she had to sign off on it) and ask me a ton of questions- really? I wanted to die! Out for 6 weeks only to return to more questions! Talk about horrible!
I turned to a friend... she was with me at the hospital and let me tell you- WOW- that was a visit! She drove me around, and when I say "friend" image showing up only to meet Ms. Grumpy! Yep- that was me! But there she was! Fast forward... all healed a few years later and a bunch of wine later... I find that I can never be there "enough" for her!
It's the little things, those small reminders... I feel I owe her so much more than a few jokes to make her smile, or a hug to remind her I am always here. I don't want her to go through what I did, Lord knows her struggles are enough! I just want her to always know in my darkest moments when my "secret life" was both psychically and mentally painful- her being there was above and beyond what I could ever ask for in a friend.
NOW- it's my turn!!! Just a small reminder!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Two blogs????

"Life in blogging" started as my memory bank. I realized a bit ago there were times when I would flash back and think, "was that this week, this month, this year"? And it hit me- I need to be able to look back and have points of reference. Facebook is great for those short little moments when I want to call someone out for cutting me off in traffic, or send that "secret/hidden" message to anyone that needs to hear my thoughts. Half the time- the message is lost on them anyway... But what I have found the most, is I have used my "life in blogging" to really reflect, remember, and cherish the life and lessons I have learned along the way. Lessons from boys who treated me poorly, or boys who tried to nurture me but I was too young and immature to really understand. Lessons from adults- wow, I have had some serious lessons there! Anyone that actually follows this knows my hero, my superman, didn't wear a cape or jump from tall buildings- hardly raised his voice, but taught lessons that will be carried on for generations (if I can help it). Yep, my grandpa would shake his head to be called a hero... nah, he'd say, looking over the paper, or some tools, or the work bench, or my favorite- the hood of the car- and then tell of some "real" hero. Yeah... that's life, life lessons that you just don't want to forget because when you start to loose them, you want to be able to read them and think, "wow, she was a lucky person!" That will be me someday... who knows... I can still find my car keys- with a little help... but my shoes, well let's just say it's a good thing I have kids! Two blogs?? Yeah, this blog is to always remind me how wonderful my life was, is, and is going to be... the other... well- it's to explain to myself (kind of like a tracking guide) what happened...
I sure hope you stick around for the ride... cause it's like I like to say.... my hubby reminds my all the time we only control so much... so the rest I blog about! Thank you so much for your support!!! Leave a message, comment and share with your friends!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Time just flies

Ten! I am not ready for that! Seriously- when did that happen? I will have to admit I do know that time flies and I can rattle off about a million things in the last 10 years this not so little girl has accomplished. She continues to reach for the stars and not look back. She is my firecracker and takes "no" for "not now"- which always cracks me up. She will look for new angles to accomplish whatever it was she really wants to do- she takes determination to whole new levels! She finds inspiration in so many things, it reminds me to push harder, to be more and settle for nothing. Yeah, when she says she's going to be something or do something I listen... she'll do it, in her own way... messes and all. She will have to be successful- housekeepers aren't cheap! Happy Birthday baby girl!!! Time flies and I love flying with you!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Life got real cool!

Spring season started today and I got to do what I like best... see it through the camera lens...