Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rain, Rain go away!

So this weeks practice schedule has bee a wash out with rain storms each night. A race to contact everyone has left me pretty drained. I have joked that I hope my position comes with a new superwoman cape at the end of the season because I am pretty sure I am going to wear a whole in it. Some days I wish we had mandatory nap time. I like the idea and I someday I will campaign on that promise. Till then- rain, rain go away come again another day cause I just don't have time for this!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not so far away- CRAP!

Anyone who knows Rich and I knows that we have two kids that are two years apart, born on the same day. As we move into the high school years, my 8th grader has started really focusing on "what's next". Our 10th grader has started talking about "where next".  It dawned on me on me as I was looking at my school schedule and thinking about the time that has been involved, all of this is not so far away- crap! I am not even close to ready. While everyone jokes about "my" son never leaving me, the schools he lists aren't any where near here. He plans on leaving, he looks forward to it. Our oldest has always had her eyes on schools that are no where near here, and while I am glad they have vision... the reality is, in just a few years, their plans include not being here.
It's just one more feather I guess, as I sit here laughing, to put in my already filled cap. So as I finish sending the rosters for softball, and last reminders for tee shirt orders (and field schedules), then get my school stuff ready for tonight so I can get ready for work, all I can do is think- at some point I will have "restful" years, but as one of my favorite lines from a movie- "Not yet, Not yet"...  I may be busy all the time, but my kids are going to be leaving me and that scares me to death... so now, I have to make the most of my time, enjoy them, and keep them busy!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

May not have time- but I am doing it!

So today ended before it ever started. I didn't get all my school work finished, but I managed to handle my VP duties. Craziness! Moving players, and getting everything ready for a season that is only 7 weeks. I feel for the kids, but at the same time one person can only do so much...

It will be interesting to see how we get the girls on the field for practices and then work out the game schedule. I laugh when I see the boys up their tonight. Some of them on now moving up to the Jr. division yet they are down at the smaller fields working (taking up space) just cracks me up. They wonder why people get upset... I can think of a few reasons... So we shall see how it all gets divided up, because TIME is one thing that nobody ever seems to have enough of! I sure know I don't- but I did manage to get my laundry put away!!! SCORE!

Friends for a lifetime

Last night, sitting out on the patio enjoying a "few" drinks and some great food, I realized that while friends come and go with no explanation at times, other friends are friends for a lifetime. There's nothing better then spending quality time with the people in your life that mean the most.
I am lucky enough to have a husband who adores me and is my best friend. One of these days, he'll even laugh at all of my jokes, not just the ones that are REALLY funny, but his support has really pulled me through some tough times.
I still would be remiss if I didn't apologize to Miss. Rachael- friends don't forget friends when we "trash" beds. It was ALOT of wood and that mattress was oh so comfy. After moving us IN to our house... and staying here and looking after the kids just about any time Rich and I want to "fly about the country" asking if she wanted it, was the least I could have done...
So as I start my next class with a GREAT friend... I think that while I have AWESOME friends far away, I am super lucky to have awesome friends right around the corner! 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I just have to laugh

WELCOME to my FIRST ever blog!!! I have decided that what the heck... I will try to attempt to write about my woes... someone might care! HA! But seriously... all joking aside... the woes are little and the pay-off for hard-work is tremendous- so I just have to ask- 
What was I thinking... I know what the answer is before I even really ask the question. As I woke up this morning (on the couch- that story maybe another time) I had to wonder why I agreed to becoming the VP of Softball. I have enough on my plate. But the answer is clear... I want the girls to have the best chance for a great seasons. That is true for any player, but really, softball has taken such a back door for so many years that the program is hurting. I'll do whatever I can to make it work. Even if it means getting up early for a pre-meeting, and then a meeting. Ah!

So the numbers are in, and the girls should have a great season! But like always, I'll be busy... cause seriously... I have time for this!!!