Monday, December 31, 2012

Skinny suit- TA DA!

It's the holidays! The time when you eat nothing but junk and regret it all come New Years. Then step on the scale New Years day (hung over for some) and say THAT'S IT THIS YEAR... yeah yeah yeah... well I decided (for those keeping track) this year (and I mean 2012) was going to be totally different. I am not referring to the drunk part!
I figured the whole wait to the holidays to make a life altering decision is just plan stupid. Besides last time I checked the holidays are the busiest, most stressful, and MOST delicious time of the year. Is that cheesecake? Sorry, I digress (what I am saying- this ADD laced blog is just one continuous reminder that Adults often blog off the top off their heads and if they write the way they think- it's WAY much more funnier!) as I was saying... trying to create, make, start a "diet" during the holidays is just plan STUPID! Besides who goes to a holiday BUFFET of the greatest food on earth created by your best friends and says, "Oh, thanks, but I'm only eating carrots". If they don't take you to the ER to have you checked out- they aren't your real friends- get new ones! Besides, if I went to all that hard work to put out a spread and you show up to my house and clear out the carrots on my veggie tray... get out! Seriously- get out! At least eat the celery too, that is just water- and totally meaningless to your stupid diet!

Okay back to me... so in my quest for all things perfect in my life. Cause someday that will happen, really stick around, just wait and see! I decided back in September (a totally safe month) to tackle my weight. See let's look at the months... You have October- Halloween HELL- Candy galore! Who can start a diet during a month dedicated to buying candy? Next up- November- Now if you are like me you know that the word "stuffing" isn't just a food. I mean how many people have gone to a place where they gave up on having the meal at the table because all the dishes cover the table? THAT'S a meal! And leftovers... do I need to say more? Then comes December! I don't know about you, but I know my calendar reads like a rolling food party with drinks in between! What a month! Cookies, treats, drinks, awesome foods, and that's just lunch! Okay, maybe not the drinks ;) (well pending the day). Then there are the "gifts". Good grief! Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a BOX of cookies, candy, and other SUPER yummy treats. Yep- totally a time to start a diet! But wait! I had a plan!!! Seriously! Stop laughing!!!!! I mean it!
Going back to September, you remember, non food holiday month... I mean who celebrates Christopher Columbus getting lost in the ocean cause he wouldn't ask for directions (typical man) then landing totally in a different place then where he thought he was (it wasn't the indies buddy) but the world wasn't flat either- good call- but you were totally south from where you thought too- only to then say you discovered a place that people were living- ah- you missed the part about "people already living"- I think that means they discovered it.... but I guess that's just details... who am I to talk history, anyway... GPS would have really helped ya! - sorry getting back kinda- So September- the no reason to eat because no real celebration month. There is a birthday in my family, but they're in Ohio (sniff) (we will NOT be discussing birthday's as part of this blog because well... that is just totally unfair!). Here's where I get real!
I had my son 16 years ago (I know shocking! I look way too young, it's okay). And my daughter 10 years ago... (I know still a shock- still with the young thing... it's okay)... I have never been able to lose my.... let's call it "baby fat". By the numbers- told you I was going get real!
Before Erik- 130, After Erik 210 (a bed rest did NOT help) I did get down as low as 150 but that was about it.... and never for too long.
Before Elizabeth 165, After Elizabeth 208 (amazing what love and support during a pregnancy can do).
Over the last 10 years I have yo-yo'd to the lowest at 150 (my sister's wedding).
This past September I stepped on the scale and a tear rolled down my cheek as I looked and saw 181.2 staring back at me. Talk about just yuck! I have never been real worried about the number, despite the fact that I step on the scale ah like every time I step into my bathroom (not healthy I know, don't bother telling me!). So it was then... I was done... I have a gym membership. I started to actually use it (good plan!). It was September! I decided I wasn't going to diet, those doesn't work. Instead, I'm just going to be smart. Eat breakfast, (duh- not donuts, but healthy stuff) eat healthy lunches (salads are actually good), eat small dinners, eat SMALL everything! Why when the "portion size" says one thing do we then eat 3 portions? We are just plain stupid- and fat! Oh and I was going to get my butt off the couch- even when I didn't want to. The holidays were coming, and if I had any chance of survival I needed to be ready...
They came! Halloween first... I love my Butterfingers! Twizzlers... YUM! But snack size! I started using Spark People to track everything back in September- and I mean everything! How much water I drank, exercise, food, and received great tips. That was the beginning. I knew everyday if I was "doing it" right, or missing the mark. I would get so totally excited, and it really made me start making better choices. I could EAT my Butterfingers, my Twizzlers... I just couldn't eat the WHOLE bag (dang it!). Oh, and the gym... For those that know me, I can be a sports nut. I'll try anything at least once. That said I am not afraid of the gym, just certain things about the gym. For instance, the treadmill and I do not get along. It's not that I don't know how to walk or run. But seriously, that is total pain- I mean it! Put me on an elliptical- I can give you a 5k any day! A bike... where are we headed? It's all about finding what works! And I have... Weights- no sweat! See my MS Blog for stories on my sweat/ heat issues... No joke- I don't sweat- seriously!
So here I am... Back to the holiday count down... Today is the last day of the year... Thanksgiving- over, Christmas- survived... and tonight the ball drops! This morning I had to go to work (totally bummer), and like any morning I went into my bathroom and like every other time I walk in there I jumped on the scale (this happens probably 10 times a day- no joke). What to my wondering eye would it say... 157! Now I am far from done- not even close, But every time I get a new number on a scale I try on some clothes I haven't been able to wear... (I know this is a LONG blog to get to the title- thanks for hangin').

So without further ado... I bring to you one of my "Skinny suits"

 Now I would be totally remiss if I didn't bring up one of my closest friends Megan (click her name for her journey) who constantly is an inspiration to me! Thank you for your brutal honesty and ability to put yourself out there!
So enjoy some holiday cheer this last day of the New Year, and remember... don't make any resolutions today, tomorrow... that is just plain silly!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Seriously a Cliff?

I can think of a million things to use as an analogy but this whole "fiscal cliff" has had me thinking... for one- several people have pointed out if at any point the statement became "we won't pay Congress if this doesn't get resolved"  I'm betting we would seeing the fastest work by our elected officials in history! Yet they seem to want to scare US the ones that put THEM in office to make the tough decisions by holding what over our heads? - Medicare, Social Security, even military checks. So let me fully understand this. Social Security- the average Grandma gets what $1,500 to $2,500 a month (I'm being conservative OH I KNOW). The average military check- let's for grins and giggles say- it's about the same...
Now I know we have LOTS in both categories... THANK YOU to both! To our elderly you have created things in your time, that well... we wouldn't be where we are without, and to our military- let's face it- I had a great nights sleep last night because at no point did I worry about a bombing in my neighborhood (can't say that for people in some overseas neighborhoods).
Getting back... so let's look at those those decision-makers- the people who can't figure out what to do right now, yet who walk in the door making a 6 figure salary the day they are elected. Lets be conservative (I have so far why stop now) Check the link for your area-  Representative Salaries-YIKES Starting at $175K JUST for themselves not staff! So the $14,500 a month the PERSON gets paid (NOT COUNTING STAFF) is frozen until they figure it out (because after all the peeps working for them aren't at fault- really?)  Bill Nelson - FL, SERIOUSLY? $3.3 MILLION dollars on staff??? Now I am not just signaling him out as the only crazy spender- I happen to live in Florida, and he happens to Represent me- he is my Senator. But the first link I provided is telling... and I am pretty sure that there are some grandmas out there that wouldn't mind being an "aide" during the process to help solve the problem since most of them seem to make $15k-30k in 6 months ($2,500- 5,000 a month - see above if you've lost track and forget how many states we have)... Now yes, there are those "Interns" that make far less, but they are also doing FAR less, and work maybe 15 hours total... for that- they walk away with a grand or two... frustrated yet? I don't know about you but the only thing I feel now regarding the "cliff" is sending some elected officials over it! In the wise words of sports "C'mon man!"
Each election its the same finger pointing, name calling, mud slinging game... problem, in the end we PAY large dollars to our elected officials in good faith to take care of our needs and represent US. But how many people are they actually representing if their salary STARTS at $175K? I understand there are expenses... and it seems so do they! For some more than others! But while we figure out how to pay our car payment, rent, electric, medications... they are deciding on IF they are going to pay our elderly, our military out of the same funds THEY themselves get paid... OUR money. (Yes I know there are all sorts of funds set up and each has its own purpose)
Along time ago, something went wrong. Maybe it was the first raise they gave themselves and realized the power they have, sure cost of living hurts. But maybe they need to remember that. I currently work for a local government that has elected NOT to give raises to certain levels of employees for over 5 years now (me included). Last I checked the world has not stopped raising prices on oh, I don't know- EVERYTHING! But they had to do something to control costs, so they did... The Federal government is out of control! When you can cut, cut, cut... and not look at yourself first, that is just ridiculous! It's just a matter of time before it's not a cliff people need to worry about, but a closed sign that will blanket whole areas of small towns and large...

 Feel we are going to need these!
Lifesavers Hard Candy, Wint-O-Green, 41-oz. (Google Affiliate Ad)

Friday, December 28, 2012


Every two weeks its the same... time sheets are due. And every two weeks it becomes the same discussion. Did you? Were you? Explain... After I do... then the same... it gets signed... Oh how I would love just once not to jump throw the hoops to get to the same results. Mind you I often have to jump through the hoops more than once. Code this, code that- explain this, explain that...
Every two weeks....
Time... I guess it can be very complicated!

Friday, December 21, 2012

My baby

Sometimes something happens during a day that just breaks your heart. Yesterday Elizabeth dressed up in pink for her presentation on Eleanor Roosevelt. She selected her because her great grandmother who recently passed had met her and she was very proud of that. Her speech was unbelievable, I was and am so impressed! She knew her stuff! Great eye contact, just a natural! But before she ever said a word a bunch of kids were teasing her for what she wore. The normal Tom girl was crushed. She still gave a great presentation, but was really hurt. What the heck is wrong with kids? Her teacher did handle it, but I was so sad to see how it affected her. Off went the cute little skort and on went a pair of gym shorts. I talked with her about not letting people get to you but its hard to say as I stand in front of the mirror getting ready. While I often don't wear make-up, its not because I'm lazy, its because I want people to know I'm beautiful, just me... And so is my baby!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The simple things

I have found the easier something is the harder people make it. Why? I have no clue! Parking a car... seems simple enough. You find a spot, pull in, turn off the car- simple. Oh, but NO! First, after you find your blessed spot you have to make sure you annoy someone by making sure they wanted it (WHAT- really?). Then pull in super slow showing your prize spot (ah, I needed the exercise anyway, and the car you are parked next to clearly doesn't care about their car so enjoy your door ding). Once you are finally, and I do mean finally, in your spot you notice that guy who doesn't care for his car guy is a little close to your car (better adjust at least 5-6 more times cause your stellar driving/parking job got in there so perfect the first 8 times). NOW, now you are finally in your spot... thanks for holding the rest of us up so we couldn't continue on our journey to find our own spots! And I love the way you climb out of your car and look around at the line of cars and give them a dirty look... classy!
Next simple thing- help me understand PLEASE the people that will ask for help without asking for help... "somethings wrong with my computer, all my stuff is missing" (ah is that my cue to become the geek squad and come over and hit "restart"?- cause I am NOT our IT department- give them a call). If you have a question that I can actually fix, sounds good, otherwise let the people we pay fix it! And the copier- when it says it needs paper... that means OPEN the DOOR and put it in the little trays, not send me an email letting me know the copier isn't working we should call a repair man- just a thought!
Simple thing number 3- Holidays... Yes, the season is upon us! It's here! At work is a great time to be festive and enjoy one another... or not! When planning an office party, generally the idea is to enjoy yourself. Serving others is great and noble. But having an "office party" in the name of solely serving others (that come for food only and seriously have a million other parties to go to) is a serious waste... While every other group has an "office party" and enjoys each other... being a soup kitchen for people that clearly don't need it is just, well, sickening! Let them get back to their wine... I'd rather spend my time at a real soup kitchen if I'm going to be made to "serve" a 100 people!
Up to number 4! While most people may not realize this- I'm actually a super nice person! I love people, and I love helping people. I think if everyone took 2 hours out of their week and did something for someone else... it would be that simple- the world would just be better!
Number 5- This is it (for today)- regardless of your political or religious beliefs, the whole fiscal cliff is just plain ridiculous! How SIMPLE can it be to look at something and say- shoot we are about to put an end to the world (okay maybe that's a bit drastic- or not) but really it can't be that hard to look at a problem and say let's fix this, put our egos aside and do what's right. I would think, no I would hope that is one of the simplest things!
Sometimes I wish we could vote everything "American Idol" style... a few nights and bam! You know the winner Press 1 for yes, press 2 for no... raise taxes to offset this... you have until 12 pm Central time to vote. Dial 1888-congres1 for yes call 1-888-congres2 for no... phone lines are open now... You only get one vote... No cheating! Your phone line will be disconnect for ah... year if you try to robo dial... AHAHAHA! Yeah, a girl can laugh or dream!
Can you image our Presidential elections? The shear money saved on campaigns? Instead they should have to donate that craziness into the debt! Yep... the simple things...

I would love to hear from all of you! Leave a comment! Let me know YOUR simple things... Please feel free to share my blog with your friends, cause well... it's simple ;)
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shoe intervention

Not for me... for them! I have some shoes, okay a lot of shoes! Boots, sandals, flip-flops, running shoes, dress shoes, I have shoes. Different colors and by all means different styles. Some I have in their boxes, some I've had since high school- YES High school! My parents have always said, "take care of quality and it will take care of you!" I remember a pair of boots my father bought me in 10 or 11 grade. They were just beautiful, leather, to my knee... I took very good care of them... to the point they made it to Florida. Now I'm not going to get into age, but let's just say when they had met their day (yes, tears were shed) my son was headed to middle school. The fight not to bury them in the back yard was strong.
My husband (God gave him such patients and love for me) set "rules" for me a while back- two out for one in. Seems reasonable- but then he's the shopper! And let me tell you he can find the deals... so when it comes to shoes, he becomes my crack! Bringing home TWO pairs of boots (one in each color) AND a pair of shoes he just happened to find... Or two pairs of boots in different styles cause well he liked them both! (Ah, isn't that supposed to be MY argument?)
    Now before any one gets all high and mighty and goes and reports me to the shoe police- please note I do donate NICE shoes that I haven't worn to death- and I highly recommend you do the same (same thing with your purses). Women who are struggling to make ends meet and are trying to get back into the workforce can not afford $45-$60 shoes (I can't either to be honest- that's why the letters S A L E are my favorite!) so make good use of that "spring cleaning" all year long!
So back to that great guy I'm married to- Ladies I know you are going to print this and put it on your fridge at eye level where the beer is kept (LOL) Ha! So My husband decided my shoe (let's call it situation) area was a mess back in our walk in closet (we shared) apartment days... I guess sharing wasn't his thing, or maybe having to step over my shoes, I'm not sure. In any case he bought me these GREAT shelves at Target...
Notice something missing... yeah SHOES! They are great! While we were in our apartment they were all in our closet serving their purpose like champs (most of the time). Then we moved into our house and I got my own closet (should I have taken that personally- HECK NO!). Well the roof leak of March or April or maybe September 2010 or 2011 can't keep track caused my closet to have to be emptied (don't worry only a couple of shoes were lost) and this unit came out... Funny how things come out and then find new purpose! Everyone needs a "hat, blanket, fudge stripe cookie" shelf. Makes you think of the riddle which of these things does not belong? CLEARLY IT'S THE HAT! It totally isn't my coloring!

So back to the actual closet... one side and the other... look you see what 3-4 pairs of shoes! great use of space!

Then the floor of the closet- ah still missing the match to that cute boot!

Back to the juicy parts- one thing I have noticed when it comes to shoes, just like clothes, shoes lie! It's true, and it isn't nice! Thus the recent need for my closet shoe intervention. But first the back story (yeah I know this rant is getting long winded enough... blah blah blah). I have a pair of shoes I LOVE, they are super cute... BUT while they say they are a certain size... they lie! So my shoes had enough of their lies and staged a closet intervention... and cleaned up a little while they were at it... some interesting things came to light.
You can't fool these guys!!! They know that size counts! And so do my toes!

So with that everyone "came out of the closet" for this season's selection of who will stay and who will go... the end results were wonderful! And to the ladies that will receive the non-winners, best of luck to you in your endeavors! Make them proud!

I am happy to say that the shelves are now FILLED with what... SHOES!

The best part (and rather funny part) is with all this in mind... living in Florida... I rather be barefoot (just like the wine) as much as possible!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Love your life

I know I rant regularly... I'm good for it! But truth be told, I just call things the way I see them. Rant away someone once said... But in that I want everyone to remember live your life to the fullest. Love life, love those in it, and cherish everything... Even my rants!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

'Tis the... whatever!

While I normally try to avoid rants on holiday spirit and cheer... sorry! Today its unavoidable. Your car is NOT a reindeer. Sorry, I hate to be the barer of such horrible news, but your car looks down right stupid, IN FLORIDA no less, all dressed up like a fricken reindeer with a big red nose in the front.
I will admit on some of the cars that really shouldn't even be classified as cars (the crash test report on them proves my point) does make the argument for their excuse. They are small enough that at first glance you think the car is smiling because it knows how stupid it looks. But the rest of you... shame shame! Especially you monster truck drivers! The ones that go as far as to demasculate (seems like the perfect word) a perfectly great looking truck with those stupid antlers yet keep the "truck nuts" (if you have no idea what I am talking about- ah GOOGLE search- but do not order them!!!)- please go have your heads examined... other cars are simply laughing at every stop light... (yes I said cars) I am sure you haven't figured it out.

A breif history on how it all went so terribly wrong (looking at my grandparents photos I see NO decorated cars- then again I see barely any cars -kidding)

It all started when people started dressing their cars like trees. You'd see wreaths on the front bumper. (I always envisioned someone driving through a mother-in-laws front door out of frustration, backing up and taking the wreath as a trophy.- yes I have had that vision myself) Then came the Christmas lights. I often wondered how many dead batteries those cause cause ya got to figure they are hooked up, ah, "correctly". My favorite are the SUV's & mini-vans with the roof racks covered in garland. I'm sure driving through the woods "collecting" that stuff on the roof rack was the exact look you were going for... no? Well that's what it looks like- well, the bows are a nice touch- but it still misses! Normally when stuff gets "stuck" in your roof rack you take it out, not drive around for a season and accessorize.
People, its your car, that thing that gets you from point A to point B! If you continue to treat it like your little chihuahua and dress it up with all that "bling"... it will ditch you! Or at least it should! I would!

So tis the season to cut people off in the parking lot (that will be a whole other blog rant you horrible shoppers!) to get that not so great parking spot in the pouring rain (I'm good- I need the exercise anyway), and remember as you are out on the road swerving in and out of traffic trying to read this on your smart phone (thanks by the way!) that CUTE super clean, super spotless (okay when my kids aren't aloud near it), super great smelling (see comment regarding kids) car you just cut off might have been ME- NOT COOL! Enjoy the season... Happy Driving!

Oh- a shameless plea... I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to comment, let me know where you're from and you're "Season" grip...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I am quitely sitting in my area at work screaming in my head! I am not sure what it is about this time of year that makes people completely brain dead. Is it the cookies, the egg nog, or pies? Whatever it is I have to wonder if people wake up and flip a coin as to if they will bring their brain with them or not. My guess is they don't bother looking at the coin, that would require effort.

Back to my sitting... I made a statement about "work"... I know weird uh? And the strangest thing happened I was asked to quite down... too late in the day for that sort of thing! Surely I was hearing things. Okay, I know that I really wanted to be working on a nice glass of wine. I wish! Knowing I have to leave my desk, return to my house (where dinner is waiting for me only because I have an AWESOME husband and a crockpot) and finish a paper that I have totally put off... GOD HELP ME! Yeah... yelling!

So I am hoping to pull up my big girl panties, suck it up, stop screaming in my head long enough to not kill someone on the road, make it home in time to finish my paper and get my reward... you know it... WINE!

Am I the only one out there?

Monday, December 3, 2012

A little victory

Okay, I'll admit it... going home is always good for the soul but bad for the hips. NORMALLY! I mean who doesn't love Sky Way? I know I'm about to unleash a huge debate on which one is better... to be honest- I love them both- equally! Give me a Galley boy and a peanut butter malt any day of the week, instant food coma. But I'll keep saying it, this time it's different. This time I can't fail. This time when I walk the stage again for my diploma, it will be a totally different me that's walking.
I like getting on the scale (I have a little issue with the scale to be honest and hop on it 20 times a day- no joke) and seeing that this morning it went down. Maybe not super down, but down just continues to give me hope. Now I am not saying I am ready for my close up just yet. Hold on a minute there all you magazine people! But I am getting there... slowly...
It's that time of year again!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Working through it

I return to work tomorrow... yep. After one of the hardest times in my life I am headed back to work with what will be no doubt at least an hour of Q & A. Really the only thing I want to do is go in, got to my desk and do my job. I would think that wouldn't be that hard to ask, but sometimes, that seems like requesting a body organ. In the grand scheme of things I know I shouldn't complain. After all I do have a job, and I know for that I am blessed. Don't get me wrong, I know there are alot of people in this world that are suffering. I have never lost my perspective, never lost touch with the fact there are others out there who have it worse. I enjoy what I do, I enjoy the people I help. It's the grind I could do without, and that is really sad.
Anyway, tomorrow we shall she how this extremely sarcastic chick handles the day since she won't be able to just blog away... that's life in blogging!