Sunday, June 10, 2012

Those moments for blogging

Okay I think we all have that moment when we say to ourselves- I can't "post" that! I have this person or that person on my Facebook, blog or whatever that would see it and be offended. Well I agree to a point... Somethings are just funny... the kid sticking something in little bro's nose... some of the funny sayings... but sometimes there are "after posts" that sharing an item causes issues. Sometimes even in my blogs I guard my words. I know there are times when I rant about all sort of things but there are times when I could say alot more. Currently I am in a class when I could say plenty about... I'll spare everyone. Work- I think anyone that has a job knows that you learn some things become off topic. Or you code everything! Then there is family... its not like family doesn't read this... how do you rant about people that drive you nuts? First make them stop driving you nuts! Oh that doesn't always work... oh well! So while I can't change the world I have found that I can blog about it safely, share a laugh or two... and most importantly add some photos of my life. Because what is life in blogging if I am not always sharing a second love of mine... life in photography! Thanks Grandpa!