Sunday, July 1, 2012


Many studies have been done about dominance in animals. The "pack theory" is one that I truly live by with the animals I have brought into my home, knowing that animals will in some cases cause serious injury to one another to establish "the alpha". In some cases when a dog is in their mind "the alpha" and another "alpha" comes in you can get a mess on your hands as the two try to maintain their roles- regardless of size or age. Both my dogs are considered small and our "pack" is pretty much Dad, Mom (as it should always be in a house) but then the dogs find their way in... Fergi our smaller dog (and older dog, she's 8) is totally the ring leader but will act as though she isn't and will take Sasha (whose 6 and taller and a little bigger) and put her in her place whenever they "play". The kids... well they "listen" to them when they ask if they want to go for a walk or if they want a treat... that's where that ends....
Then there are other "alpha" struggles... being the top of anything takes work- hard work. At work you learn early that you have to fight to be noticed sometimes, and once you are you have to make sure that attention is always positive. Not an easy task! Its hard to make sure that your actions are always in the best intentions and not "one up menship".
Finding your place in the world can be rough, I think sometimes we often resort to showing our teeth first, biting second, and extending our hand as a last resort rather than the other way around. Trying to be ALPHA! We have to be "top dog"- show em', whose boss! But in the end we are surrounded by wounded "pups" that either fear us or hate us, or simply bite back any chance they get because they are hoping they get in one good bite and prove they too are worthy enough to be considered "ALPHA"... It's a struggle that I don't think people even realize sometimes, and I don't think people realize how destructive it can be. I do know that sometimes being the "top dog" at all costs isn't worth it!