Saturday, February 17, 2018

Blessed to be surrounded

In life there are people who will be in your life. You may or may not know their intentions. I am blessed by being surrounded by people who are in my life because they want to be and they are truly invested in my life as much as I am in theirs. If people are toxic in your life... Treat them like a cold- get rid of them! Sorround yourself with people who make you the best version of you! ❤

Friday, February 9, 2018

Not a waste but felt like it... But not to her

An hour drive to watch my kid walk my walk twice would feel like a wasted night. Especially since we have to get up the next morning at 5 am & be at the school for an NJROTC competition. But truth be told, not seeing her play, although very frustrating, is also always a teaching moment. She amazes me. She got in the truck tonight, and sure she was extremely upset she didn't play, but what she focused on was everything about the game. Everything in the position and other positions (that she plays or otherwise) and she picked apart issues in a way I had never heard her do. It wasn't so much out of anger, but out of frustration this time. She knows the game. And she knows she studies the game, the positions and plays within it.
She may have sat out tonight, and just batted, but when she was called up the pitcher didn't get her number. Nope not tonight.
Tonight she played smart.