Thursday, January 12, 2012

The WOW factor!

Sometimes you wake up and your "to do list" is just beyond your day. How can you possibly get everything done and still manage to stay sane? Is that even possible? I laugh sometimes when I look at my life and people remind ME I have MS. Really? Thanks for the reminder, cause for a second I forgot! See I live my life knowing that at any moment something could happen that dictates how I need to live it, so till then, I HAVE to live it! I know there are people that would say I have to go at a slow pace and rest and all that. Believe me, I do. I get plenty of rest, and have found plenty of ways of saying NO. But I have also found plenty of things to do.
About a year and a half ago I was in class listening to people "talk" and introduce themselves. It amazed me the importance they placed on their jobs and really didn't mention their family. It kind of saddened me. That moment I made a decision to be a wife first, then mom, then student, and then work... That was how I introduced myself. Totally funny how the reactions have been. Being a "full time wife and Mother" as I have said in blogs before isn't a joke, you don't get time off- ever! I laugh when others really have to wrap their heads around it... yep, when my hubby hurts I hurt, when my kids hurt I hurt.... When my business "shuts down" I go to a new employment! Funny! I guess the big WOW factor of my life will be when people look at me, they will see a WIFE and MOM that cared, and so it poured over into my work... not bad! I guess maybe I'll take time to rest (a few minutes for my MS).

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Morning wake up

Most people know by now I have MS... this week cold, I mean real cold settled in my wonderful state of Florida. Without my permission! The thought! That said my body under went a full on attack. My MS decided it wasn't sure what was happening or how to react. The new medication I am on (loving) no longer requires injections (loving) however does a wonder to my immune system (not loving). So as this cold weather came, my immune system took a nose dive.
I woke up this morning with the worst leg cramps. NOT THIS MORNING! I have important things to do! Real important!!! Today is the Spring premier and I need to be my best! AHH, so not cool! So what a morning wake up! As I headed out with my dogs to the great outdoors it was warm (warmer) and nice... ahh my Florida!!! Yeah I have a Good Feeling! Thanks Flo Rida!!! My morning wake up is complete!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


There are days when I wish I could work from home.. today is one of them!!! I wish that my job let me, and I wish I had a career that let me, for several reasons. I really think that working in an office is just something that does not suit me, mainly because of the hours, but the biggest being that when I have to be somewhere I can always find something else I'd rather do... I think it is just not fair! Ha! Oh well! Off to the grind!

Monday, January 2, 2012


I have high hopes I think! I have hopes that someday my "job" will be seen as meaningful to more than just me... someday. I have hopes that someday my kids will look back and think, wow, Mom actually taught me something... someday. I also have hopes that when my kids are my age they look back at all the times I was hard on them and realize why...someday. I hope that someday people who know me can look at the choices I've made in life and realize why... someday. I hope to leave behind something that people will talk about for generations, but not yet... someday!