Thursday, August 30, 2012

Spare Time?

I laugh every time I look at the log in for my account... Aubrissparetime.... when do or did I ever think I would have that? I guess it was an internal joke with myself that only my fingers got as I typed it out... The best joke was- of course it was "available"... no one else has my name... and NO ONE else has "spare time"...
In the last month I read not one but two books... I'm going to start on my third, and they are NOT school books! And... it really hasn't been spare time. But I have found something in reading those books, it hasn't been so much about reading them as much as it has been about the time.
I am amazed by all the things we cram into a day- we are masters of the universe and at a click of the mouse can "tour" the world and back again. But time... we are always wanting more. It's never enough.

Today I received a "thank you card"
It read...
What a great thing to do!
What a generous touch!
You made my whole day,
and I thank you so much!

Hand written- Special thanks for going above and beyond. You keep things going for me. Regards,

To say I needed that would be an understatement. The funny thing is- I simply was doing what I do... but in my "spare time" I guess I do try to push the envelop just a little farther and try just a little more to be a little better.  That's my Life... life in blogging... life in my spare time!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Tiny tiny world

I love to read other blogs! I also love to promote other blogs! Not because I think it will boost my status in the blog world, but because sometimes there are messages out there I real feel passionate about and I want to make sure their story is heard.
Blogging is one of those mediums that is super easy... say what you feel, post a photo or two and BOOM the world can see it. People can share it, and just like that its worldwide... REALLY!
Nothing was/is more clear than a family I have been following because of someone that brought their plight to my attention (another blogger). I didn't know them personally, but their story touched my heart. I shared their blog and once again we learn how small the world is... someone I know well, knows them and knows their story- well!
I think sometimes we forget the power of the "forward". That "connection" to the world. Sure its easy to forward/share a joke- who doesn't love a good joke- I do! And who doesn't like having something funny to smile at, but its the "hard" stuff that we often think twice about. The stuff we linger over the "share/forward" button and then think twice...
I'm glad without hesitation I took a story from my blogger world and shared it in my Facebook world. Not because I wanted a pat on the back- oh heavens no! But because for a minute it brought a family in Japan and a family in Florida real close! I am always amazed when I post anything and people tell me they know the person (how did I find them)... it's a TINY world and it just got a little tinnier.

Thank you for reading my blog! Don't "share" MY blog because of THIS... share someone's blog that touches you, that is struggling, or that you know just needs that love. You never know the connection your "sharing" will actually create!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Holy Hurricane Batman!

So here we are... a "big" event in the Tampa Bay area... pick one... the Republican National convention- or the pending DOOM of anyone that lives in a flood zone!
For those of us that are totally use to the "sky falling" the alarms being sound are rather commical at best. The cone of uncertianity is just another reminder that FEDERAL funds that get cut for "important projects" maybe should be held on to just in case... I think the victims of Andrew, Katrina, and a scad of other storms would agree. But enough politics... I have to say I LOVE hurricane watch. I know that is probably horrible but it totally cracks me up how normally sane (I guess that can be debated) people can lose their minds when a storm might come. We forget everything we have ever been taught and simply run to the store and buy beer. Now I'm with the next person, when the storm hits and we lose "everything" I think I want to drink my woes away too... but you can only keep the beer cold for so long people!!! Move to harder stuff- I mean let's get real- they pass out ice (I guess so we can save our food or something)- but shoot... start mixing it with tequila and get rid of all juice before it goes bad!!! Now that could cause you to go mad... food waste!

Live it up... take some time to sit back and relax... a storms coming... this one's going to be FUN!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A week to change things

You know when you have a secret but you can't tell anyone, or you have good news but you are afraid if you say it you may ruin it? That's been my week! The past several weeks Rich and I have been doing things in our lives that could turn them fill up side down... NO we didn't join the peace corp! I don't think we even could... well I don't know maybe we could, but I have no idea how. Anyway, the biggest "secret" about it is we won't know if our choices will have any affect for at least 3 weeks and in my case 90 days! No we are not having a baby! In the meantime we just have to sit and wait and HOPE and Pray for the best. Oh and not explode! While I TRY not to be too hopeful or pick out new curtians (just kidding) its one of those things that once its all set in stone... will have some big changes in store... the suspense is KILLING ME!!!
okay... I'm done!

I haven't shared enough of Michigan's beauty... so please enjoy!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


If there is anything that Rich and I do to "work/save" our relationship its vacation. We do it well, I mean REAL well... We have a core area we love to visit and we don't really go overboard, we just "get away". I think if anything we have found that to be the key. It doesn't have to be a super 5 star place, but 4 stars with some extras always helps. Rich is great at finding places and timing always matters.
The kids... we have our family vacations, but we have found there are times that the kids need a vacation from us.
It's funny how we get to a point and we just find ourselves looking because its time... weekends are our time, but often have many things crammed into them, so our vacations become really OUR time. The time we don't worry about time vacations. Nothing says vacation like laying in a beach chair or by the pool and wondering what time it is or which day it is... cause you do need to eat! Yep... vacations! I highly recommend them! I love my Florida!
  This isn't Florida... Maldives, but so many places we stay are just like this... love our walks on the beach!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Being Proper

Taking the high road... It's something your parents try to instill in you from an early age. It starts with that "turn the other cheek..." and moves to deeper harder lessons. Knowing when to speak and when to walk away. Then when you do speak knowing what to say and what's too much... Sure you can throw 1st Amendment into any argument and say its your right to speak your mind. But at what cost? Is being right all the time at the cost of others worth it? Also, I think sometimes people speak without thinking the total impact what they say will have on others. I myself am no exception... but what to do... how do you fix what you have said?

Feelings are one of those things that are personal. While some might say "get over it"... I disagree to a point. I think people need to understand the root of feelings before ever asking for someone to get over them.

 There's nothing like doing something no questions asked and someone coming in from nowhere and swooping in when it works for them and just being "cool". How can that not cause a flood of emotions? Anger at the top! It's always easy to come and go cause you can, but when you choose to stay... that's when the choices become reality!
I don't walk away... I don't get over it... I can't really be proper when it comes to those feelings... mainly because I have to deal with what's left over... thanks!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Frustrated in my bubble!

Have you ever been somewhere and just laughed till it hurt? Spent time with great people that just loved on you and made you feel wonderful? Then returned to the "real world"...  Most people call that Monday! For me that couldn't be farther than the truth! After spending 4 days with women that totally shared similar vision and loved on me in many ways, laughed with me over "butterflies and rainbows", and saw into a future where I am Queen of more than just a cool stapler... I returned home in stages. First my house... while my dogs LOVE me... I mean REALLY love me, so much so when I was finally HOME they laid on top of me to almost guartee I wasn't leaving. The children... while there are three you can expect the outcome of my return to differ. My oldest- Miss Amanda was sleeping when the car pulled in and jumped out of bed to help me unload my car, gave me a hug and wanted to hear as much as possible. My middle (still feeling the oldest in his heart) Mr. Erik... was TRYING to sleep and closed the door... I annoyed him with my return as he is an "athlete" and as such grumpy as he was he would talk to me in the morning... he HAD to eat Mac and Cheese at dinner and he HATES Mac and Cheese! (Glad to be home!) My "baby" Miss Elizabeth- sleeping on the couch, her buddy had left earlier having decided not to spend the night. I sat down next to her and she instantly wrapped her arms around me (still sleeping- as she does- inherated from her mother and grandmother) telling me how much she missed me and loves me. I told her I missed her too and it was time for her to make her way to her bed... little did I know in a few short hours she would wind up in my bed (something that NEVER happens). Last my hubby, very casually welcomes me home... :)
My return MONDAY did not go so smoothly... I was quickly reminded why I had looked so forward to my trip to begin with. It had never been about leaving so much as about being away from what I like to call "stupidness". As I sat in my staff meeting today I was snapped right back into my frustration. It was everything I could do from screaming... I make how much for this? While others sitting at this table make how much? Then came the moment that just really made me scratch my head... I came back from lunch... walked past one person, signed in, went upstairs to my desk. (Normal) Then one of my co-workers and I spoke for a few minutes and she went downstairs to "cover" the desk, after a few minutes she came back upstairs and asked said "the person I'm covering for wonders if you can cover".... REALLY? Cause I was just there and she didn't speak to me... Bubble popped! I looked right at her and I said- have I ever given you an issue? So why do we act like this? Are we in kindergarten? Bubble Popped! So I grabbed my water, my CUTE bag... and headed down the stairs... she was already gone....
Someday I will figure it out... till then... I guess it remains true Life in blogging....

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Sunday

Today I am "working", learning, and bettering what I am trying to accomplish in life. I will travel home Saturday. SUNDAY will belong to the people that make my life what it is. I have a great life. While I know I joke sometimes I think my kids are trying to see if my head will pop, and I do think my hubby likes to see if I am paying attention, I truly am blessed. As I hear woman speak on hardship, I am reminded how blessed I am. My husband makes sure I life like a queen... his queen. I am so blessed. I am so grateful for my life and the man that took me as his wife... Saturday night... I'll be back in his arms and I'm looking forward to it!