Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back at it

Well I am giving it a go! Okay I am trying! Headed to work today and I am always shocked when you arrive at work after not being there since Friday (it's Thursday now) how people will act like nothings change/different/wrong... just pile it on! Hmm... yet other people miss a day or come in looking blue and its "YOU OKAY?, What can we do for you? You Should go home?"  Really? Explain that to me... How when others "seem" ill everyone JUMPS to help, yet I can be throwing up in the bathroom, walk out and someone will be standing there and ASK ME if I will be able to get a report done by the end of the day? SERIOUSLY? The end of the day... sure... no problem... I wore my superwoman cape! So while part of me is laughing, and the other part is holding my side, it still hurts! I am back at it... so watch out!