Sunday, July 8, 2012


Do you remember that moment when you realized becoming a real adult was just around the corner? Remember when you were wishing you could grow up faster- then you did? Years seem to fly by and all the sudden the time you thought you had is gone. You look at life and think of all the things you should have done, the lessons you didn't listen to, the stuff you didn't get to... Crap... I wish I had... Then before you know it you are an adult full of responsibilities. What?!?! The only thing you want to do is have fun, hang out, enjoy your life... not so! You either go to more school so you can make a living, or you get a job so you can make a living... either way you quickly learn that all that wishing to be older added up to wishing you could be younger again.
Life is crazy and no matter how badly parents harp... kids will grow-up doing it their way... and then find out... their parents knew something! Enjoy being a kid, but work hard, study lots, cause once you're an adult it's WORK- real WORK! And always remember have fun!