Monday, July 9, 2012

Self-esteem at the mall

Just about anyone that knows me knows I have hair... lots of it! For quite a long time it was super long and it has always been curly. Something my Mom told me long ago I should be grateful because women pay thousands a year trying to get what I had naturally. November I went with my daughter and donated over 10 inches of my hair to a very worthy cause. At that point my hair got its curl even more defined with the weight lifted. At times I attempt to straighten it- Ha! I live in Florida and the humidity laughs at my attempts. My husband is never fond of the look, he likes my curls, its me he says!
So image I am walking with my daughter in the mall when a woman doesn't just say hello from her little kiosk, but makes a point of coming way out into the walk-way as we are coming towards to her and then further more makes a big deal of approaching me. Ah okay? She wants to know what I did to my hair this morning? This morning... ha! The night before I "assisted" in some backyard construction- today was about time with my daughter- I combed it! She continues... ohhh, look at your hair, as she grabs a clip and starts putting it in sections. Then she starts in with a straighter... now this is were my daughter is laughing, as she is making all these statements about how great my hair now looks as this "cloud" is coming from my hair and she tells me it doesn't damage my hair. She even went as far as taking an area and looping around to produce "straighten curls"- whats the point- you just straighten my hair and then put two curls in it? Then she straightens another strain making it look super baby fine and says when was the last time you saw your hair look like this... be honest... your were 6 weren't you... At this point, I take the clip out... By six, my head was FULL! And for the record my curls were in... So the true answer... more like 2-3! Bite me! She made few statements about the product and many nasty statements about my hair... did she really think I would pull my credit card, cash, or check book out because she had crushed my spirit? I don't go to the mall for an ego boost! I guess what I am saying is that when did sales turn to being the school kid bully? I guess I missed that day- GOOD! I could never look at someone and trash their choices in life and then tell them I have the right answers cause clearly they aren't capable of making them. I'm not sure where she was from... but where I come from that just doesn't cut it! So smiling big and enjoying my hair... one curl at time!