Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Family Day!

Today is a National Holiday... in the Middle of the week... so the first thing my kids wanted to know- "WHAT ARE WE DOING?" Hmm... Rich (my hubby, their dad) has to get up at 4:15 am and I have to get up... tomorrow AM... so... Let's see... I can tell you what we are NOT doing... We are NOT driving some where far, parking our car, walking even farther and sitting and waiting... for a 15-20 minute fireworks display that can't even start much before 9- 9:30... then when its all over, walking back to the car through the hoards for people only to sit in traffic with the same rude people and find our way back home hopefully before 12.... I am pretty sure in 1776 there wasn't a "let's party, drink beer, grill, and be rude to others type atmosphere... but then again, they also shot each other when times got tough. Sometimes I wish I lived back then. Not because I wish I could shoot people, although that would be nice at times, I am not sure women were allowed to "dual". That seems like more of a "manly" activity, so I would have been a rebel, then considered a "witch" and oh, here we go again... what ever would I write about then (since blogging would have been on this weird thing called pen and paper- and no one would ever see it- bummer).
But back to the whole "family day" thing.... It's almost 9 so that means my neighbors are trying to show their manliness by blowing up the neighborhood. Which would be great if they knew what they were doing and my dog was scared out of her mind. I think she knows they are clueless.
Nope, this year I am pretty happy I got to watch my three kids today- spend the day together. I am pretty sure it will be the last one... As they get older, their priorities change and the "who" they spend their time with changes as well. We were all kids once too... But today, on this holiday, they were mine...
And I enjoyed every minute of it!