Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keeping on

A nail to the skin is generally cause for alarm... most people seek medical advice knowing that there is a shot involved... then there's my daughter... Last year she stepped on a nail! Yep! OUCH! We headed to the Doctor (who by the way is her HERO, her mentor, her well you get the point) and Dr. WinnneBUURGERRR  (that's how we say it cause that's how she said it when she was a baby) informed her that you aren't suppose to step on nails! So she had to keep it clean and she would need a shot but she would be protected from nails and metal for 7 years... GREAT! So yesterday my little darling was playing hide-n-seek- Lizzy style of coarse! And well you might have guessed it... now has a "nail scratch". As we talked this morning about her need to "see HER Doctor" she beamed... WAIT! I'm good for another 5 years! While some people attempt to stay away from danger, my daughter looks at the shot as a license to run straight towards it! GOD HELP ME!

Seems like yesterday!