Sunday, July 22, 2012

Life is about love!

Over 11 years ago I moved my son and myself to Florida.I got married and completely changed my life. A few years after that my life took on an even bigger change... but most know about that! I say often my move was never a leap of faith it was love... my life is all about love.
Today I was asked to help out at the ball field. Nothing new and nothing I am not used to doing. Rich was on the field doing his thing, and I was in the stands doing mine... (looking good I might add). I had my thermal with the infamous personalization I added "Umpire Wife" something I am very proud of... and I was set to watch a good game. Then came the request... I was needed across the street at another game. To say that I was a little disappointed is an understatement! That was NOT my plan for my day. It was another hot day and while I was prepared for the heat, I was prepared for a game to watch my hubby, not be apart of the game... But life is about love and sometimes you have go with the flow. As I walked towards the stadium to let him know where I was going to be- he pointed across the street... he knew... (they had talked to him first I learned later) I headed back over hoping to see some of his game but knowing in my heart based on the level of play, he'd see me in "action" way before I'd ever see him. And just like I figured, I heard his game end and our game continued. It was a good game and I was glad for the "mercy rule" despite the team not wanting it to be used (something you rarely see). I do get tired of the parents! I was pleased by the father that did say a few times, "I think we have forgotten they are kids and they need to enjoy this!"

Life is about love! Love what you are doing... love your children and for goodness sake remember YOUTH sports should be something they look back on and LOVE....