Thursday, December 13, 2012

The simple things

I have found the easier something is the harder people make it. Why? I have no clue! Parking a car... seems simple enough. You find a spot, pull in, turn off the car- simple. Oh, but NO! First, after you find your blessed spot you have to make sure you annoy someone by making sure they wanted it (WHAT- really?). Then pull in super slow showing your prize spot (ah, I needed the exercise anyway, and the car you are parked next to clearly doesn't care about their car so enjoy your door ding). Once you are finally, and I do mean finally, in your spot you notice that guy who doesn't care for his car guy is a little close to your car (better adjust at least 5-6 more times cause your stellar driving/parking job got in there so perfect the first 8 times). NOW, now you are finally in your spot... thanks for holding the rest of us up so we couldn't continue on our journey to find our own spots! And I love the way you climb out of your car and look around at the line of cars and give them a dirty look... classy!
Next simple thing- help me understand PLEASE the people that will ask for help without asking for help... "somethings wrong with my computer, all my stuff is missing" (ah is that my cue to become the geek squad and come over and hit "restart"?- cause I am NOT our IT department- give them a call). If you have a question that I can actually fix, sounds good, otherwise let the people we pay fix it! And the copier- when it says it needs paper... that means OPEN the DOOR and put it in the little trays, not send me an email letting me know the copier isn't working we should call a repair man- just a thought!
Simple thing number 3- Holidays... Yes, the season is upon us! It's here! At work is a great time to be festive and enjoy one another... or not! When planning an office party, generally the idea is to enjoy yourself. Serving others is great and noble. But having an "office party" in the name of solely serving others (that come for food only and seriously have a million other parties to go to) is a serious waste... While every other group has an "office party" and enjoys each other... being a soup kitchen for people that clearly don't need it is just, well, sickening! Let them get back to their wine... I'd rather spend my time at a real soup kitchen if I'm going to be made to "serve" a 100 people!
Up to number 4! While most people may not realize this- I'm actually a super nice person! I love people, and I love helping people. I think if everyone took 2 hours out of their week and did something for someone else... it would be that simple- the world would just be better!
Number 5- This is it (for today)- regardless of your political or religious beliefs, the whole fiscal cliff is just plain ridiculous! How SIMPLE can it be to look at something and say- shoot we are about to put an end to the world (okay maybe that's a bit drastic- or not) but really it can't be that hard to look at a problem and say let's fix this, put our egos aside and do what's right. I would think, no I would hope that is one of the simplest things!
Sometimes I wish we could vote everything "American Idol" style... a few nights and bam! You know the winner Press 1 for yes, press 2 for no... raise taxes to offset this... you have until 12 pm Central time to vote. Dial 1888-congres1 for yes call 1-888-congres2 for no... phone lines are open now... You only get one vote... No cheating! Your phone line will be disconnect for ah... year if you try to robo dial... AHAHAHA! Yeah, a girl can laugh or dream!
Can you image our Presidential elections? The shear money saved on campaigns? Instead they should have to donate that craziness into the debt! Yep... the simple things...

I would love to hear from all of you! Leave a comment! Let me know YOUR simple things... Please feel free to share my blog with your friends, cause well... it's simple ;)
Thanks for reading!