Sunday, December 30, 2012

Seriously a Cliff?

I can think of a million things to use as an analogy but this whole "fiscal cliff" has had me thinking... for one- several people have pointed out if at any point the statement became "we won't pay Congress if this doesn't get resolved"  I'm betting we would seeing the fastest work by our elected officials in history! Yet they seem to want to scare US the ones that put THEM in office to make the tough decisions by holding what over our heads? - Medicare, Social Security, even military checks. So let me fully understand this. Social Security- the average Grandma gets what $1,500 to $2,500 a month (I'm being conservative OH I KNOW). The average military check- let's for grins and giggles say- it's about the same...
Now I know we have LOTS in both categories... THANK YOU to both! To our elderly you have created things in your time, that well... we wouldn't be where we are without, and to our military- let's face it- I had a great nights sleep last night because at no point did I worry about a bombing in my neighborhood (can't say that for people in some overseas neighborhoods).
Getting back... so let's look at those those decision-makers- the people who can't figure out what to do right now, yet who walk in the door making a 6 figure salary the day they are elected. Lets be conservative (I have so far why stop now) Check the link for your area-  Representative Salaries-YIKES Starting at $175K JUST for themselves not staff! So the $14,500 a month the PERSON gets paid (NOT COUNTING STAFF) is frozen until they figure it out (because after all the peeps working for them aren't at fault- really?)  Bill Nelson - FL, SERIOUSLY? $3.3 MILLION dollars on staff??? Now I am not just signaling him out as the only crazy spender- I happen to live in Florida, and he happens to Represent me- he is my Senator. But the first link I provided is telling... and I am pretty sure that there are some grandmas out there that wouldn't mind being an "aide" during the process to help solve the problem since most of them seem to make $15k-30k in 6 months ($2,500- 5,000 a month - see above if you've lost track and forget how many states we have)... Now yes, there are those "Interns" that make far less, but they are also doing FAR less, and work maybe 15 hours total... for that- they walk away with a grand or two... frustrated yet? I don't know about you but the only thing I feel now regarding the "cliff" is sending some elected officials over it! In the wise words of sports "C'mon man!"
Each election its the same finger pointing, name calling, mud slinging game... problem, in the end we PAY large dollars to our elected officials in good faith to take care of our needs and represent US. But how many people are they actually representing if their salary STARTS at $175K? I understand there are expenses... and it seems so do they! For some more than others! But while we figure out how to pay our car payment, rent, electric, medications... they are deciding on IF they are going to pay our elderly, our military out of the same funds THEY themselves get paid... OUR money. (Yes I know there are all sorts of funds set up and each has its own purpose)
Along time ago, something went wrong. Maybe it was the first raise they gave themselves and realized the power they have, sure cost of living hurts. But maybe they need to remember that. I currently work for a local government that has elected NOT to give raises to certain levels of employees for over 5 years now (me included). Last I checked the world has not stopped raising prices on oh, I don't know- EVERYTHING! But they had to do something to control costs, so they did... The Federal government is out of control! When you can cut, cut, cut... and not look at yourself first, that is just ridiculous! It's just a matter of time before it's not a cliff people need to worry about, but a closed sign that will blanket whole areas of small towns and large...

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