Monday, December 3, 2012

A little victory

Okay, I'll admit it... going home is always good for the soul but bad for the hips. NORMALLY! I mean who doesn't love Sky Way? I know I'm about to unleash a huge debate on which one is better... to be honest- I love them both- equally! Give me a Galley boy and a peanut butter malt any day of the week, instant food coma. But I'll keep saying it, this time it's different. This time I can't fail. This time when I walk the stage again for my diploma, it will be a totally different me that's walking.
I like getting on the scale (I have a little issue with the scale to be honest and hop on it 20 times a day- no joke) and seeing that this morning it went down. Maybe not super down, but down just continues to give me hope. Now I am not saying I am ready for my close up just yet. Hold on a minute there all you magazine people! But I am getting there... slowly...
It's that time of year again!