Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shoe intervention

Not for me... for them! I have some shoes, okay a lot of shoes! Boots, sandals, flip-flops, running shoes, dress shoes, I have shoes. Different colors and by all means different styles. Some I have in their boxes, some I've had since high school- YES High school! My parents have always said, "take care of quality and it will take care of you!" I remember a pair of boots my father bought me in 10 or 11 grade. They were just beautiful, leather, to my knee... I took very good care of them... to the point they made it to Florida. Now I'm not going to get into age, but let's just say when they had met their day (yes, tears were shed) my son was headed to middle school. The fight not to bury them in the back yard was strong.
My husband (God gave him such patients and love for me) set "rules" for me a while back- two out for one in. Seems reasonable- but then he's the shopper! And let me tell you he can find the deals... so when it comes to shoes, he becomes my crack! Bringing home TWO pairs of boots (one in each color) AND a pair of shoes he just happened to find... Or two pairs of boots in different styles cause well he liked them both! (Ah, isn't that supposed to be MY argument?)
    Now before any one gets all high and mighty and goes and reports me to the shoe police- please note I do donate NICE shoes that I haven't worn to death- and I highly recommend you do the same (same thing with your purses). Women who are struggling to make ends meet and are trying to get back into the workforce can not afford $45-$60 shoes (I can't either to be honest- that's why the letters S A L E are my favorite!) so make good use of that "spring cleaning" all year long!
So back to that great guy I'm married to- Ladies I know you are going to print this and put it on your fridge at eye level where the beer is kept (LOL) Ha! So My husband decided my shoe (let's call it situation) area was a mess back in our walk in closet (we shared) apartment days... I guess sharing wasn't his thing, or maybe having to step over my shoes, I'm not sure. In any case he bought me these GREAT shelves at Target...
Notice something missing... yeah SHOES! They are great! While we were in our apartment they were all in our closet serving their purpose like champs (most of the time). Then we moved into our house and I got my own closet (should I have taken that personally- HECK NO!). Well the roof leak of March or April or maybe September 2010 or 2011 can't keep track caused my closet to have to be emptied (don't worry only a couple of shoes were lost) and this unit came out... Funny how things come out and then find new purpose! Everyone needs a "hat, blanket, fudge stripe cookie" shelf. Makes you think of the riddle which of these things does not belong? CLEARLY IT'S THE HAT! It totally isn't my coloring!

So back to the actual closet... one side and the other... look you see what 3-4 pairs of shoes! great use of space!

Then the floor of the closet- ah still missing the match to that cute boot!

Back to the juicy parts- one thing I have noticed when it comes to shoes, just like clothes, shoes lie! It's true, and it isn't nice! Thus the recent need for my closet shoe intervention. But first the back story (yeah I know this rant is getting long winded enough... blah blah blah). I have a pair of shoes I LOVE, they are super cute... BUT while they say they are a certain size... they lie! So my shoes had enough of their lies and staged a closet intervention... and cleaned up a little while they were at it... some interesting things came to light.
You can't fool these guys!!! They know that size counts! And so do my toes!

So with that everyone "came out of the closet" for this season's selection of who will stay and who will go... the end results were wonderful! And to the ladies that will receive the non-winners, best of luck to you in your endeavors! Make them proud!

I am happy to say that the shelves are now FILLED with what... SHOES!

The best part (and rather funny part) is with all this in mind... living in Florida... I rather be barefoot (just like the wine) as much as possible!