Friday, December 21, 2012

My baby

Sometimes something happens during a day that just breaks your heart. Yesterday Elizabeth dressed up in pink for her presentation on Eleanor Roosevelt. She selected her because her great grandmother who recently passed had met her and she was very proud of that. Her speech was unbelievable, I was and am so impressed! She knew her stuff! Great eye contact, just a natural! But before she ever said a word a bunch of kids were teasing her for what she wore. The normal Tom girl was crushed. She still gave a great presentation, but was really hurt. What the heck is wrong with kids? Her teacher did handle it, but I was so sad to see how it affected her. Off went the cute little skort and on went a pair of gym shorts. I talked with her about not letting people get to you but its hard to say as I stand in front of the mirror getting ready. While I often don't wear make-up, its not because I'm lazy, its because I want people to know I'm beautiful, just me... And so is my baby!