Saturday, August 11, 2012


If there is anything that Rich and I do to "work/save" our relationship its vacation. We do it well, I mean REAL well... We have a core area we love to visit and we don't really go overboard, we just "get away". I think if anything we have found that to be the key. It doesn't have to be a super 5 star place, but 4 stars with some extras always helps. Rich is great at finding places and timing always matters.
The kids... we have our family vacations, but we have found there are times that the kids need a vacation from us.
It's funny how we get to a point and we just find ourselves looking because its time... weekends are our time, but often have many things crammed into them, so our vacations become really OUR time. The time we don't worry about time vacations. Nothing says vacation like laying in a beach chair or by the pool and wondering what time it is or which day it is... cause you do need to eat! Yep... vacations! I highly recommend them! I love my Florida!
  This isn't Florida... Maldives, but so many places we stay are just like this... love our walks on the beach!