Thursday, August 23, 2012

Holy Hurricane Batman!

So here we are... a "big" event in the Tampa Bay area... pick one... the Republican National convention- or the pending DOOM of anyone that lives in a flood zone!
For those of us that are totally use to the "sky falling" the alarms being sound are rather commical at best. The cone of uncertianity is just another reminder that FEDERAL funds that get cut for "important projects" maybe should be held on to just in case... I think the victims of Andrew, Katrina, and a scad of other storms would agree. But enough politics... I have to say I LOVE hurricane watch. I know that is probably horrible but it totally cracks me up how normally sane (I guess that can be debated) people can lose their minds when a storm might come. We forget everything we have ever been taught and simply run to the store and buy beer. Now I'm with the next person, when the storm hits and we lose "everything" I think I want to drink my woes away too... but you can only keep the beer cold for so long people!!! Move to harder stuff- I mean let's get real- they pass out ice (I guess so we can save our food or something)- but shoot... start mixing it with tequila and get rid of all juice before it goes bad!!! Now that could cause you to go mad... food waste!

Live it up... take some time to sit back and relax... a storms coming... this one's going to be FUN!