My Hubby

My Hubby
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Monday, August 6, 2012

Frustrated in my bubble!

Have you ever been somewhere and just laughed till it hurt? Spent time with great people that just loved on you and made you feel wonderful? Then returned to the "real world"...  Most people call that Monday! For me that couldn't be farther than the truth! After spending 4 days with women that totally shared similar vision and loved on me in many ways, laughed with me over "butterflies and rainbows", and saw into a future where I am Queen of more than just a cool stapler... I returned home in stages. First my house... while my dogs LOVE me... I mean REALLY love me, so much so when I was finally HOME they laid on top of me to almost guartee I wasn't leaving. The children... while there are three you can expect the outcome of my return to differ. My oldest- Miss Amanda was sleeping when the car pulled in and jumped out of bed to help me unload my car, gave me a hug and wanted to hear as much as possible. My middle (still feeling the oldest in his heart) Mr. Erik... was TRYING to sleep and closed the door... I annoyed him with my return as he is an "athlete" and as such grumpy as he was he would talk to me in the morning... he HAD to eat Mac and Cheese at dinner and he HATES Mac and Cheese! (Glad to be home!) My "baby" Miss Elizabeth- sleeping on the couch, her buddy had left earlier having decided not to spend the night. I sat down next to her and she instantly wrapped her arms around me (still sleeping- as she does- inherated from her mother and grandmother) telling me how much she missed me and loves me. I told her I missed her too and it was time for her to make her way to her bed... little did I know in a few short hours she would wind up in my bed (something that NEVER happens). Last my hubby, very casually welcomes me home... :)
My return MONDAY did not go so smoothly... I was quickly reminded why I had looked so forward to my trip to begin with. It had never been about leaving so much as about being away from what I like to call "stupidness". As I sat in my staff meeting today I was snapped right back into my frustration. It was everything I could do from screaming... I make how much for this? While others sitting at this table make how much? Then came the moment that just really made me scratch my head... I came back from lunch... walked past one person, signed in, went upstairs to my desk. (Normal) Then one of my co-workers and I spoke for a few minutes and she went downstairs to "cover" the desk, after a few minutes she came back upstairs and asked said "the person I'm covering for wonders if you can cover".... REALLY? Cause I was just there and she didn't speak to me... Bubble popped! I looked right at her and I said- have I ever given you an issue? So why do we act like this? Are we in kindergarten? Bubble Popped! So I grabbed my water, my CUTE bag... and headed down the stairs... she was already gone....
Someday I will figure it out... till then... I guess it remains true Life in blogging....