Friday, August 10, 2012

Being Proper

Taking the high road... It's something your parents try to instill in you from an early age. It starts with that "turn the other cheek..." and moves to deeper harder lessons. Knowing when to speak and when to walk away. Then when you do speak knowing what to say and what's too much... Sure you can throw 1st Amendment into any argument and say its your right to speak your mind. But at what cost? Is being right all the time at the cost of others worth it? Also, I think sometimes people speak without thinking the total impact what they say will have on others. I myself am no exception... but what to do... how do you fix what you have said?

Feelings are one of those things that are personal. While some might say "get over it"... I disagree to a point. I think people need to understand the root of feelings before ever asking for someone to get over them.

 There's nothing like doing something no questions asked and someone coming in from nowhere and swooping in when it works for them and just being "cool". How can that not cause a flood of emotions? Anger at the top! It's always easy to come and go cause you can, but when you choose to stay... that's when the choices become reality!
I don't walk away... I don't get over it... I can't really be proper when it comes to those feelings... mainly because I have to deal with what's left over... thanks!