Thursday, August 16, 2012

A week to change things

You know when you have a secret but you can't tell anyone, or you have good news but you are afraid if you say it you may ruin it? That's been my week! The past several weeks Rich and I have been doing things in our lives that could turn them fill up side down... NO we didn't join the peace corp! I don't think we even could... well I don't know maybe we could, but I have no idea how. Anyway, the biggest "secret" about it is we won't know if our choices will have any affect for at least 3 weeks and in my case 90 days! No we are not having a baby! In the meantime we just have to sit and wait and HOPE and Pray for the best. Oh and not explode! While I TRY not to be too hopeful or pick out new curtians (just kidding) its one of those things that once its all set in stone... will have some big changes in store... the suspense is KILLING ME!!!
okay... I'm done!

I haven't shared enough of Michigan's beauty... so please enjoy!