Friday, August 24, 2012

Tiny tiny world

I love to read other blogs! I also love to promote other blogs! Not because I think it will boost my status in the blog world, but because sometimes there are messages out there I real feel passionate about and I want to make sure their story is heard.
Blogging is one of those mediums that is super easy... say what you feel, post a photo or two and BOOM the world can see it. People can share it, and just like that its worldwide... REALLY!
Nothing was/is more clear than a family I have been following because of someone that brought their plight to my attention (another blogger). I didn't know them personally, but their story touched my heart. I shared their blog and once again we learn how small the world is... someone I know well, knows them and knows their story- well!
I think sometimes we forget the power of the "forward". That "connection" to the world. Sure its easy to forward/share a joke- who doesn't love a good joke- I do! And who doesn't like having something funny to smile at, but its the "hard" stuff that we often think twice about. The stuff we linger over the "share/forward" button and then think twice...
I'm glad without hesitation I took a story from my blogger world and shared it in my Facebook world. Not because I wanted a pat on the back- oh heavens no! But because for a minute it brought a family in Japan and a family in Florida real close! I am always amazed when I post anything and people tell me they know the person (how did I find them)... it's a TINY world and it just got a little tinnier.

Thank you for reading my blog! Don't "share" MY blog because of THIS... share someone's blog that touches you, that is struggling, or that you know just needs that love. You never know the connection your "sharing" will actually create!