Friday, May 4, 2012

Miss me?

Ah... sometimes in the world of blogging I think we fall off the grid. Not because we don't feel like blogging but because of twitter, facebook, email, school accounts, and various work related "things" blogging somehow takes a back seat. WHEW! I got tired just thinking of all the passwords it takes to get into all that. How many people use the same one or all? Ha! Suckers! Just kidding! But at the same time how hard do we make our lives to try to keep them "secured". It just totally stinks! Just once I would love to sign in and have my computer say "don't worry we will destroy anyone that tries to come near your mainframe. Your hard drive is safe- it all good! Click enter!" -Yeah right! Now I'll wake up! So next time I go on the blogger lame... don't worry... I am just resting or enjoying the finer parts of life!