Monday, May 28, 2012

Living loving the Sun

This weekend is a weekend to reflect and remember those that have given of themselves for the our country. Most do that by getting together with friends and family in the form of picnics, beach time, and of coarse cook-outs! Well how would we as a family be any different if we didn't do all three! I live for the sun! Everyone that knows me also knows that knows I love good sunscreen too! So that said my lobster "areas" are rather funny... I am NOT completely burned... nope- thank goodness... but I am burnt! Little areas that let's just say were glow in the dark white prior to our day at the beach. The rest of me nice a golden.
 This is Memorial Day and I will remember its true meaning today. My Daughter made a little clip a few years ago that respects this day the best... my sunburn will heal, but there are several families living without their loved ones, that whole can't be patched with some burn relief. To them I say thank you!