Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Having 3 kids you seem to learn a few things about yourself- fast! You say "No"- more than you say- "yes". But some of that is good parenting, some of that is well... knowing the family budget... My kids would live like rock stars if they never heard the word "no", but I also see their friends, and I am GLAD they aren't like some of them. As it is, my husband turned to me the other day and said, "what happened?"  While so many people tell us all the time what great kids they are (and I am NOT saying they aren't- don't get me wrong-they are), like most teens, (and pre-teen) quickly the wants get blurred to needs. Since when did an iPod become a need? A cell phone- a need? Laptop? The list goes on and on and on... and of coarse for every item a "friend" gets/has it simply raises the bar... I start to think back to when I was a kid. Yes I was "spoiled" compared to my hubby. Beyond spoiled if you want to look at "rides"- I will totally admit to that! But both my husband and my "spoils" came with a BIG word - Responsibility! My mom will be quick to speak of the "list" of chores that had to be divided up and completed. The lawn (my friends can speak to the size) had to be mowed, leaves raked (God forbid left on the lawn), and come "harvest time" the garden tended to. The garden was a good pool size (wasn't a couple tomato plants). So I always laugh when I get moans and groans when our yard (which can be mowed in less than 1/2 hour- Sorry Ambra/Aerie) and some TINY weeding needs to be done in our rock garden needs to be done. -Seriously? Edging with a weed whacker? Oh and "Blowing leaves"- oh the misery of it all....
Inside my house- I am beyond blessed! I have NO CARPET!!! In some ways it's a blessing and a curse... while I swear carpet is the root of all evil, tile/ wood floors lets you know how dirty you really are! Add to it children who act like its a "sweat shop" to have to sweep regularly... and MOP?!?! What? I just laugh!
I think back... somewhere I must have gone wrong... why don't my children see a mess and are horrified by it? Why do there rooms resemble a crime scene? My son is great at shoving to the corners so the appearance of a "clean room" is there meanwhile one glance around the perimeter reveals the truth... OH MY! And the girls... WOW... Hazmat suit anyone? I kid you not, my youngest daughter's hamster is missing AGAIN- and I think the dogs are too scared to try to find it...
They all talk about when they are grown how they will live. I laugh! My husband and I have tried to teach them cooking and cleaning (especially laundry) skills. I just pray that they marry well or do very well in school and make super good money cause I see maid service in all their futures!
an old picture (but a favorite)