Monday, March 19, 2012

Touching lives

Have you ever done anything with unintended consequences but because of something that you were taught ended up giving someone that moment? Yeah... Anyone reading this blog that has been following me (thank you) knows I have a few things in my life- three great kids, an awesome husband, and childhood memories that that I have tried to pass through and share in my blog (and with my children). Stories that touched me and the people I know (one way or another).
Pictures! So many times I find my blogs coming back to something so simple as a picture I took of something and it touched someone for some reason. And instantly I always am brought back to the reason I snapped the shot to begin with... my grandfather. It wasn't some little voice yelling  "take it! take it!" rather a gentle reminder "enjoy the moment through the lens... capture it, hold on to it, then share it"...

Seeing people, places, and things as awesome always rather than just stuff left to get old and wither away has allowed me to always find the true beauty in everything- one snap at a time... not to mention bring photos to people that allow them to step back in time and for a moment remember the people they love and the memories they share... that is touching lives on snap at a time!
Not just any place... memories to many      

capturing the best!