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My Hubby
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Heart or Brain

While many argue the "heart" feels nothing, I beg to differ... I understand the "brain" is responsible for thoughts, feels, emotions, etc. And I am fully aware that the heart is an organ designed to pump blood to the body and move oxygen, it is not the "cute" shape children draw. However, does anyone every draw a broken brain when feelings are hurt? Has anyone ever pointed to their head and said a comment "hurt"? No, normally we point to our chest cause that's where we feel it... I think that tells us something! When we have a heart attack, our heart stops. Our brain has sent a signal, time to take a nap... and the heart for whatever reason said... Ok! Forgetting it's primary function and just stops, bringing us to our knees (or the ground). OUCH!
I have yet to hear anyone say they had a "good feeling" during their heart attack, and I have yet to hear anyone say they were happy that happened! Yet, we walk around life treating our hearts like they will just do what the brain tells them to do AND they have no feelings...
I for one KNOW my heart is FULL of feelings AND emotions! Not because when I was little I colored lots of little hearts or I have had it broken a few too many times. But because at the HEART of the matter... I know deep down my brain keeps me strong, makes me not snap when I could... but its my heart that allows me to cry...