Tuesday, April 10, 2012

People snap!

I think I get it! I think I understand how people are walking along life all happy and then some day just SNAP! Today I started out my day with my desk full of well- work... what else would a "work desk" be? Those that have worked with me- know how much I HATE clutter, and I really hate stacks of it! It's one thing to have the "organized chaos" that comes with "multitasking". SBE certifications, bid audits, corridor projects, 3 different  committee's "stuff", and then there is the "other" pile... yep we all have those... that "to do list" that isn't really our job, but someone needs to do it... yep... then comes the call, the request, the moment that just makes you want to SNAP!
YEP! You forget that you need your job to pay your bills and for that split second you are pretty sure a week in jail might actually do you some good! Hey, that's a WHOLE WEEK of REST! AND FOOD! Now I am TOTALLY not recommending the "snapped" approach... nope, I've taken on more of an internal "snap". I miss the days of Ally McBeal (that skinny nothing) picking people up and throwing them in the dumpster, ah if only! Nope, I can't have copiers smash people, but I sure can think about it! Toner does explode taking out my entire floor in a colorful rainbow... well in my mind anyway...
Hoping I don't cycle through the weapons on my ride home and and take out any cars.... Yeah... maybe I should lay off the video games while I'm at it... nah! Maybe I should stop and smell the flowers instead!