Monday, March 12, 2012

Two blogs????

"Life in blogging" started as my memory bank. I realized a bit ago there were times when I would flash back and think, "was that this week, this month, this year"? And it hit me- I need to be able to look back and have points of reference. Facebook is great for those short little moments when I want to call someone out for cutting me off in traffic, or send that "secret/hidden" message to anyone that needs to hear my thoughts. Half the time- the message is lost on them anyway... But what I have found the most, is I have used my "life in blogging" to really reflect, remember, and cherish the life and lessons I have learned along the way. Lessons from boys who treated me poorly, or boys who tried to nurture me but I was too young and immature to really understand. Lessons from adults- wow, I have had some serious lessons there! Anyone that actually follows this knows my hero, my superman, didn't wear a cape or jump from tall buildings- hardly raised his voice, but taught lessons that will be carried on for generations (if I can help it). Yep, my grandpa would shake his head to be called a hero... nah, he'd say, looking over the paper, or some tools, or the work bench, or my favorite- the hood of the car- and then tell of some "real" hero. Yeah... that's life, life lessons that you just don't want to forget because when you start to loose them, you want to be able to read them and think, "wow, she was a lucky person!" That will be me someday... who knows... I can still find my car keys- with a little help... but my shoes, well let's just say it's a good thing I have kids! Two blogs?? Yeah, this blog is to always remind me how wonderful my life was, is, and is going to be... the other... well- it's to explain to myself (kind of like a tracking guide) what happened...
I sure hope you stick around for the ride... cause it's like I like to say.... my hubby reminds my all the time we only control so much... so the rest I blog about! Thank you so much for your support!!! Leave a message, comment and share with your friends!!!