Sunday, March 4, 2012

Time just flies

Ten! I am not ready for that! Seriously- when did that happen? I will have to admit I do know that time flies and I can rattle off about a million things in the last 10 years this not so little girl has accomplished. She continues to reach for the stars and not look back. She is my firecracker and takes "no" for "not now"- which always cracks me up. She will look for new angles to accomplish whatever it was she really wants to do- she takes determination to whole new levels! She finds inspiration in so many things, it reminds me to push harder, to be more and settle for nothing. Yeah, when she says she's going to be something or do something I listen... she'll do it, in her own way... messes and all. She will have to be successful- housekeepers aren't cheap! Happy Birthday baby girl!!! Time flies and I love flying with you!