Wednesday, March 14, 2012

That moment!

Ever have that moment when you want to say- "what is this really about?" Are YOUR feelings hurt, are YOU making a decision based on YOUR personal feelings or is this really "business". 
I'm always the first person to see my kids as "real". If they aren't good at something... I WILL TELL THEM. One of my kids is TONE DEF I mean it. To the point when we are in the car and music is going, this child is singing, I will ask, "who sings this song?"- "BLAH BLAH BLAH"- "Let them!" Yeah that's harsh- but it's honest!" I would NEVER let this child on American Idol! That would be cruel! Funny for that one episode, BUT CRUEL!
So when you tell me once, you want to do something for one reason and it involves something, then you tell me twice, yet you add more PERSONAL stuff each time... guess what... it's PERSONAL!
 I wonder why my kid would feel the way she does if personal feelings are being put on her! Ahh being a mom is difficult sometimes cause there's that moment when "mama tiger" sets in and you know you have to protect you little cub from getting hurt... There's lots of predators out there these days and some of them have quite a bite!

Rock it out !

They said what?

Yep! Smile like you mean it!

That's my girl!