Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just a small reminder

Sometimes your walk, run, live on your little cloud, then something happens that reminds you that yep life!!! It's real! Here are the FACTS: A few years ago I had a hysterectomy. Yeah! 32 and I had to say good-bye to ever being a new Mom. I was devastated!  My goal had been to get to 35-36... some goals don't work out! I decided at the time to tell NO ONE. It was bad enough that I had to turn in FMLA paperwork for work and on the form it said: HYSTERECTOMY... two people were going to know! Would one tell everyone? My boss would call me into her office (she had to sign off on it) and ask me a ton of questions- really? I wanted to die! Out for 6 weeks only to return to more questions! Talk about horrible!
I turned to a friend... she was with me at the hospital and let me tell you- WOW- that was a visit! She drove me around, and when I say "friend" image showing up only to meet Ms. Grumpy! Yep- that was me! But there she was! Fast forward... all healed a few years later and a bunch of wine later... I find that I can never be there "enough" for her!
It's the little things, those small reminders... I feel I owe her so much more than a few jokes to make her smile, or a hug to remind her I am always here. I don't want her to go through what I did, Lord knows her struggles are enough! I just want her to always know in my darkest moments when my "secret life" was both psychically and mentally painful- her being there was above and beyond what I could ever ask for in a friend.
NOW- it's my turn!!! Just a small reminder!